Nelly Furtado Gives Lessons at MTV

Canadian singer/songwriter Nelly Furtado gives some very practical lessons to those who would enter the world of music superstars, all as part of her role as MTV Artist of the Week.

Nelly Furtado holds up panties


Panties are useful when getting out of limos, when around paparazzi, bloggers, and anyone with a zoom lense. Make friends with your underwear and you’ll have a friend for life.


Say no to making a sex tape, getting arrested, and slapping a Paparazzi.


The Nelly Furtado lessons were developed at MTV On-Air Promos by executive creative director Kevin Mackall, creative directors Amy Campbell and Brent Stoller, copywriters/art directors Evan Silver and Gina Fortunato.

Filming was shot by directors Evan Silver and Gina Fortunato, with producer Sheree Shu and director of photography Jerry Risius, and second cameraman Dave Gorn, editor Carol Butrico.

Sound was designed by Jon Tropea at Eargoo. Colorist was Micah Kirz Moving Images. Visual effects were developed by Paul Kamuf.