Natures Organic Cares For Environment

Australian company Natures Organics is capitalizing on the current interest in ecology with a shampoo ad promoting environmentally responsible hair care. Women walk around with their hair back to front, covering their faces. One woman, however, is capable of waving her hair around without getting it in her eyes.

Nature Organics Blinded

The voiceover: “Some of us are so focused on our hair that we’re blinded to the fact that most shampoos are derived from crude oil. Organic care is different. It’s derived from plants so it helps keep your beautiful as well as our environment. Organic Care. Does your hair care?”

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Organic Care campaign was developed at CHE, Melbourne, by executive creative director Jason Ross, deputy creative director/copywriter Richard Ralphsmith, art director Sally Coggle.

Filming was directed by Dogboy via The Pound, with director of photography Robert Humphreys. Music was the responsibility of James Ashton at Risk Sound.

Tony Alekna says that the ad was shot in Melbourne on an incredibly wet and windy Saturday which on the one hand made it difficult to keep the hairstyles under control but on the other hand helped with the photographic style by giving us a beautiful dark wet sheen in the city scenes.