Nandos Fix Patch and Gum

Nando’s Australia (the spicy chicken chain) is not selling Nandos Fix patches and gum to satisfy those cravings for Peri Peri chicken. But they do have a rapidly growing reputation developing through their television/viral campaign spoofing nicotine fix patches and gums. And judging from the response to their TV ad the chicken restaurant is not likely to win too many new Australian customers.

A scene from the Nandos Fix Patch ad

Nando Fix Patch

The campaign started in 2006 with the Patch push. A morning meeting that drags right through lunch time. Nando Fix. Middle of the night Peri Peri cravings. Nando Fix. Pre-operative fixing, too young to chew, can’t be trusted with cutlery, held by captive by an extremist militia? Nando Fix when you simply can’t get to Nandos satisfy your Peri Peri cravings with a replacement patch. Nandos Fix now not available at Nandos.

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Nando Fix Gum

A pole dancer gives us the benefits of the new product…

“If you’re a busy woman like me you don’t have time for cravings. At work I used to tame my Peri Peri cravings with a Nandos Fix patch. It had its drawbacks though. With new Nandos Fix Gum I can tame my cravings without taming my clients. Of course nothing beats enjoying Nandos with my family. But Nandos Fix Gum comes close.”

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The Nandos Fix campaign is being rolled out by CHE, Melbourne, by executive creative director Jason Ross, deputy creative director/copywriter Richard Ralphsmith.

Filming for the Patch ad was shot by director Chris Boyle via Hub Productions, Melbourne, with producer Tim Anderson.

Filming for the Gum ad was shot by directors Damon Escott and Stephen Lance via The Guild with producer Leanne Tonks.

Nandos Fix Gum packet

Nando’s Background

Nando’s is a global fast-food restaurant chain with a Portugese theme originating from South Africa. The company specializes in chicken dishes with either lemon and herb, mild, medium, hot or extra hot peri-peri marinades (properly known as Galinha à Africana). The sauces can be bought separately. Side dishes include spicy rice, chips (with either Chicken Salt, or Peri Peri Salt), coleslaw, corn on the cob (mealies), cous cous, portuguse rolls or side garden salads.

This isn’t the first controversial Nando’s advertising campaign involving a pole. A South African TV ad in 2000 showed a guide dog intentionally leading a blind woman into a pole after she had bought takeout from Nando’s. As soon as she was unconscious the dog helped itself to her chicken meal. Complaints to the South African Advertising Standards Authority led to the ad being withdrawn.

See my post on the Nandos Ruffle Some Feathers campaign in Australia.

A scene from the Nandos Fix Gum ad


The Australian Advertising Standards Bureau recently dismissed complaints about the second advertisement on the grounds that the images were not inappropriately suggestive. Complaints received covered a diverse range of issues. Complainants felt that the ad was sexist towards both men and woman, pole dancing was not consistent with family values, and it contained material that was inappropriate for children.

“The Board did not find that pole dancing was incompatible with family values. The ad also has an M classification, which means can only be shown during programs recommended for persons over 15,” said Chief Executive Officer, Fiona Jolly.

Read the Advertising Standards Bureau summary of the case in pdf format.


The Nandos Fix Gum ad was voted Australia’s worst television commercial of 2007, measured by the 300 complaints received by the Advertising Standards Board.

  • harmonysweetpea

    I actually find the pole dancing ad a little bit too rude. It doesn’t leave alot to the imagination and it is definately not making for a family friendly image for taking your kids to eat at Nandos. I was telling my boyfriend about this ad on Saturday night and within 10 minutes, it came on tv and he said it was just wierd and asked if they really do sell gum or patches? LOL

  • Cortenny_au

    Yeah i just seen it on austar and my mum was watching it to, and im still confused, do they really sell patches? And the whole pole dancing thing that is totally inapropriate for a family resturant. I dont know what the marketing team for nandos or who ever it is was thinking. So can anyone answer my question? ARE THEY REALLY SELLING PATCHES AND GUM?

  • Alex

    He he he no they’re not actually selling patches or gum. It’s just a joke based on the premise that Nando’s is so good it’s addictive. Also while I have to admit that I did find the advert a little bit confronting when I first saw it and I definitely agree that it’s overstepped the line slightly I do think it’s a brilliant spoof of the nicotine patch and gum adverts.

  • Debbie

    My partner and I just watched this ad, and am lucky enough to have a HD Tv so I am able to rewind Live TV. We watched this ad serveral times to try and get the aim of this ad, so then we looked it up on google and this is how we got here.
    At first we thought it was an ad for gum.
    Was shocked that they showed a ‘career girl’ then the same girl stripping then in the next shot with her family in a family restuarant. I really don’t know who Nando’s think their Target Market is, but I personally have been put of Nando’s from this ad.
    I do understand the concept of the ad, but my first impressions of the ad was it was made by some teenagers and put onto the TV as a joke. Hope Nandos didn’t pay big bucks for this ad, as I think they are going to ruin their reputation if they continue to air this ad.

  • Leigh

    I totally agree with Debbie, I just watched this ad to and as a female, I think this is the most stupidest ad I have every laid eyes on. Thought Nandos’ has wasted their money on this campaign and have also lost me as a customer especially after my son whatched this television commerical !!! I think the time slot of a girl stripping during a Cartoon Show Time slot, was absolutely ridicous and I will also be making complaints about the television stations for even airing this at this time.

  • Olivia

    How degrading to women, and how pathetic of Nandos to even suggest woman would want to prostitue their bodies for there food. You’ve lost me, I’ll NEVER eat at one of your stores and ‘word of mouth’ is VERY powerful and there are a lot of paople complaining about this….You have definately lost more than you have gained from this campaign.

  • jackson

    Yes, boycott Nando’s! Think of the children! It’s the only way to make our streets safe!

    Funny ad, and the choice of actress was outstanding. Wouldn’t have worked if they’d picked somebody more youthful.

    Am surprised by claims the ad runs during a “cartoon time slot”. South Park perhaps?

  • April

    Pole dancing and stripping have become increasingly popular and I, for one, am glad to see the industry slowly, but surely, shedding its taboo.

    Many women work in the industry and would be able to relate to the ad. Many women currently in higher profile jobs are also likely to have earned extra income during their study days in the industry – a tendency which is on the increase.

    I salute Nandos for being unafraid to confront this often forgotten and unjustly frowned-upon niche.

    Finally, who says stripping and family don’t coexist?? Many strippers are mothers too!

    Who’s coming out with me for chicken?

  • Terry

    Ads are designed to promote awareness of your brand or product. The fact that so many people have sought out the ad and made comment suggests to me that the ad has been successful. Get a sense of humor people, its funny!

  • Felius

    I’ve never heard of Nandos prior to this ad. (Maybe they don’t have any stores out my way.) I’ve seen this ad a few times recently (on SBS) and was trying to explain to my wife what I thought it was about – she thought my explanation was ridiculous, so I googled it to find out. That brought me here!

    I *guess* I can see why some people might be offended by the ad, but I’ve only seen it in night slots and personally I find it pretty funny. I mightn’t have heard of Nandos prior to this, but now I’m curious to know whether their chicken really *is* addictive. 😉 Mission accomplished from their perspective, I imagine!

  • Joe Lopez

    So degrading of woman / mother.

  • jacki

    I watched this ad several times tonight with my 15 and 17 year old sons and it had us stumped. What the hell was it about? We googled it and it got us here. We dont even know what Nandos is but we have at least worked out the ad now. Very strange ad, im glad we dont know what Nandos is. All the clever ads in the world this has got to be one of the worst we have all seen!

  • Rob Smith

    At the obvious risk of being labeled as a pervert, deviate or weirdo. what is the models name ? she has appeared on many adds and sales brochures and each time radiates a confidence that is rarely seen.

  • Michael

    the mistake in the ad is that they did not show the product. They actually have bottles they sell/sold in supermarkets. They should have shown this prominently on the screen in the family scene. Or at least shown the Nandos sign above the counter behind the family. People may have got it. THis would have stopped most of the confusion and maybe people would have talked about it – rather than feeling silly why they cant understand it. People dont talk about things they feel silly about – thats why the internet is good to learn a little more.

    They may have generated awareness but I doubt it will do much else. I have eaten at Nandos and it does not match their in store brand at all. Big mistake, which means it is a big waste of money for them and counter productive.

    Watching some strippers bum and thinking about food does not mix for me. Plus as pointed out here it does not match the family target at all. Women are also incredibly influential as to where a family eats and I bet 90% of them are offended and disgusted by it.

    “Viral Campaigns” – mmmmmm, a buzz word tossed around and not properly understood.

  • Milan

    Would anyone know roughly the production costs for this Advertisement or a way I can find the information. If anyone could tell me it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Paul

    I’m sorry, but is all the humour being stripped out of this world or what?! To all those being “offended” I ask you to please see it for what it is ….. a joke.

    All too often these days I see people being “offended” by inappropriate jokes to the opposite sex (women offended about jokes involved women I might add) and then in the next breathe telling a joke that “degrades” women.

    I mean seriously.
    My wife saw the ad and thought it was classic.

    If you don’t get it, then fine, that’s something for the execs to look into… but don’t play the “it’s degrading to women” card. You guys had you’re movement and won (rightly too!!), but now it’s starting to swing way beyond equality and into man bashing.

  • Ingrid

    Ban this ridiculous add..I don’t want my kids watching this smut. It is far too raunchy to advertise a restaurant and I have no idea what they were thinking when they made it. Isn’t it enough my kids can no longer watch music video’s without all the smut that now adverts are just as bad..good god get a grip people!! No wonder our youth it getting out of control.

  • Anita

    This ad is so wrong guys . I am a media student and have discussed this ad in class with other people , everyone seems to be confused , except for the guys! Even though I get that its a joke, I dont see anything logical behind it at all, what Nandos is saying is “You can be a mum , a wife and YES you can also be a stripper !” WTH? are they out of their mind? And to top it off they create a “Happy Ending” with an image of her family having fun at the dinner table , gigling. I bet if her husband new where she was earlier that night he would throw that chicken at her and file for a divorce. Anyway it seems to be a Cheap sales trick , “sex sells ” – to guys only.

    Xoxox mwa

  • Rose


    Shes HOT, the ads NOT

  • isy

    This ad is wack!!
    I totally did not know what was going on until i read these posts. I saw it before watching the latest ‘Pirates of the Carribean’ movie at the cinema. I really don’t think they should have shown it then, I mean there were heaps of kids there and they would have all been thinking ‘whats that lady doing?’ Straight after the ad finished, you could hear everyone talking about it. It was in the wrong movie, everyone knows kids are going to watch pirates, even with an M rating. Nando’s should not have run it for movies like this.
    Oh well, their loss..

  • Mempis

    What is most disturbing about this ad is that the women has her arse pointing directly into the guys face when he places money in her g-string. Imagine the view he is getting!

  • Megs

    All I can say after reading the above comments is that I think the ad has had the desired effect, also what do people think of the Toohey’s extra dry ad, interesting to say the least!!

  • sue

    I think the Nando’s add is really inappropriate, its disgusting, TAKE IT OFF AIR there are kids watching.

  • Tania

    yes is this add ok for kids?
    For the modern human race in fact?
    I have seen this add several times and had no idea of the product it was trying to sell. I was too busy focusing on the pair of tits and ass and the family dinner?? And I am a woman…hilarious.
    Tonight I made a point of listening to it, to find out what it was marketing. I don’t smoke and if I did I would not be using this product to stop that’s for sure. But I’m feeling the urge to pole dance and then go home to my family and have KFC.
    Too many men in media, making stupid adds that make men look just …well how can I say it….stupid! Just too funny.

  • Tania

    Oh yes, and Nandos, on a more serious note you have lost me too…
    Word of mouth as someone has already pointed, is a powerful thing.

  • Jo

    This add gets people talking. But is it helping Nando’s with its sales, or is it helping Nando’s to alineate its customers? The ad guys thought they were being smart. The Mac ad is smart. This is just lame & pathetic. I feel sorry for all the Nando’s franchisees.

  • So any advice for future Nandos campaigns? If you were the creative agency team what would you be doing next? Apart from pulling the present spot?

  • John

    I was watching SBS late at night and then I saw this ad. To be honest the ad kind of freaked me out. What the hell was going on. Do they really have nando patches ! It must be a joke. Then I did a search on Google and came to the nandos web site. It really is for Nando’s chicken restaurants. I think this ad is a very bad look for Nandos

  • Ellie

    John, I was watching SBS too!

    I couldn’t work out if this ad was for real, I googled it and it led me here. First of all, I don’t even know what ‘nandos’ is, by what I’ve read it’s a take away food place? Whatever the aim of the ad was… it doesn’t pay off.

  • Looper

    I think this ad kicks ass but could somebody please just explain what Nando’s is? Its not gum OK. Its not a patch OK. Is it a restaurant? Does it come in a bottle?

  • Looper I’ve added some extra information at the end of the post for you.

  • victor huerta

    I saw this ad only a few days ago, and for a moment thought it may be from Channel 028 as they seem to have a lot of nudity from time to time.

    I am offended by this ad with this woman showing her breasts, I mean what is she trying to prove?.

    And this final note to “April” who wrote in on the 23rd of May 2007 at 11. 56pm . if there is ‘nothing’ wrong with this ad and you April are happy it is on air, what would you say if “Nando’s” then said ‘OK We will pay a yrs supply of school fees for any girl who is 17yo and over if they agree to do the very same ad” What if April. you had a 17 yo daughter who thought what a great way to pay for my education, would you still cheer it on?

  • vworld

    To April,
    the one who thought that the latest NANDO FIX GUM is fine, Why don’t you just admit that It is not that skilled to remove clothing and to pose in certain positions.

    “Lots of people do not have a job” so please do not try to justify this rude behavuour. What would you say if your husband (if you have one) went to one of these “strippers” and then came home for dinner without telling you? I bet you would not like it. What sort of loyalty is that?

  • Memphis

    Let’s for a moment just imagine this ad typifies the average family.

    I now pose you a question:

    What kind of self respecting husband would allow his slut of a wife to be a stripper in a gentlemans club with blokes oggling at her ass at boobies?

    This ad is deadset f**ked. Who the f**k are Nandos anyway, never heard of them before this ad and I am kind of happy about that.

  • msp313

    I am a marketing professional, woman, and mother and I am still trying to figure out what they are going for here- is it supposed to be provocative? It is not filmed in a sexy way. Is it supposed to be appealing to mothers that they are still desirable? I don’t think so- it comes off as rather crude and gross rather than sensual or empowering. I can only imagine that adolescents may find it exciting but associating mothers and strippers may send them into therapy- not to eat chicken. It is definitely not working as a humorous ad or clever ad. I think Nandos should fire their agency and apologize for such a tasteless piece of trash.

  • some random guy

    These nandos ad need to get life or they will sued for their piece of crap ad. They will get into so much troble by the law if they keep showing this ad particaly when kids are wacthing it. It it sensless to put a family mum to be a stripper. Shame on them THEY WILL get into so much troble. Nandos ad are an F**KIN piece worthless s**t ad. It a restaurant not a peri peri gum and patch. THIS AD GOTTA BE REMOVED FROM WW(world wide)TV i seroiusly mean it

  • Lisa

    YOU Absolute Dickheads, My 6 year old has been pole dancing at school. THANKS A FRIGIN LOT… The inocence is lost GOOD ONE!!!! BAn this stupid pathetic piece of garbage…. Imagine what the poor kids in the add have gone through now, with teasing etc….

  • Kristy

    Has anyone noticed that the stripper in this ad is the SAME WOMAN that is currently promoting a childrens acting agency called BrightStars. I saw both ads one after the other!!!
    Bad choice of talent.
    BTW I actually know her. She aint no mum! She’s a 37 yr old bisexual hard core pill popper.

  • pj

    Has anyone bothered to complain to the Advertising Standards Council about this piece of inappropriate, unpopular and unsavoury advertising? Let’s make a difference, and make our concerns heard where it might make a difference. Go to
    and have your say.

  • …d

    Nandos has managed to gain to speak from this advertisement…BUT that is ONLY HALF the job!! The next step is to evoke emotion from the viewer..which..yes you did.. BUT, Ask yourself .. What kind of emotion did you provoke??? … I will tell you ANGER!!!
    WHY?? Well perhaps you should have investigated the ‘PROPOSED TARGET MARKET’…Who are they? How can we get them to feel they need to visit and eat at Nandos?
    What CHE has done, is OFFEND the majority of their clientèle ..who happen to be women/mothers.

    CHE has FAILED with this ad. CHE has forgotten the MASSIVE INFLUENCE TO BUYING A PRODUCT IS, “PERSUASIONâ€?. Coming from a strong Psychology background, CHE, should have appointed a Psychologist to do research on the proposed target market… And if they did.. well they too should be sacked! This ad will be talked about in my next lecture.. as to why it failed…

    CHE, take this advice on board, then perhaps you would not have the majority of AUSTRALIA HATING NANDOS!! Shame..because the chicken is really great…Oh Well.. LEARN FROM MISTAKES

  • JANE

    Yes, i complained about a month ago when it first aired. I don’t know why it is still running. The board has not made a decision yet. To me it has breached several codes of practice.

    These are the code of practice rules i found on the advertising standards website that might come under:

    1. The ad stereotypes the female role in society as being sexually arousing and available for sexual services because she is a female.

    2.It demeans women and uses closes ups of a particular physical characteristic (example – Close up of bum cheeks) to destract the viewer.

  • J

    Yes and another reason to complain to get rid of this shit for FALSE AND MISLEADING ADVERTISING…i.e THE GUM/NICOTINE PATCHES…
    You need to complain TO the ACCC…DO A GOOGLE FOR THAT. It deals with false advertising.

  • Mahummed the muslim

    A very poor attempt by I have been led understand a number of Islam franchise operators and owned company (I stand to be corrected on this) to degrade women and the western world as infidels and decadent. Well I can tell you I wont be buying their bloody chicken again, Its too expensive anyway.I would like to think I am wrong on this view as I am sure most of our Immigrants who are of the muslim faith also fell it tacky and cheap.Pull it and I hope to never see it again.

  • J

    It seems the Advertising Standards Bureau dismissed the large amount of complaints…Go to the website and have a look. I AM SOOO PISSED OFF!!!… that they think this advertisement has NO NUDITY and says this ad treats sex and sexuality in a sensitive way..WHAT THE F**K???


  • Marty

    Oh,J. Yes the A.S.B. are serious! They are a joke unfortunately at the expense of the Aust tax payer. They maybe got a brown bag under the table to overlook this crap and that’s what it is. Well show your disgust at the Nandos till, everyone who feels the same by “Never buying the product”. Oh! By the way I’m no prude just think this garbage is so remote from a real Aussi family.

  • Nick Buick

    The ad is a stroke of utter genius. It’€™s taken viral marketing to a new height -€“ it’€™s not the ad itself that makes the statement -€“ it’s you. It wasn’t an accident that the ad offended you -€“ it was very carefully designed to do something totally left-of-field and utterly shock the hell out of simple-minded guardians like yourselves.

    If the same content was being used to market beer, or a sports car, you wouldn’€™t bat an eyelid. You’€™ve been so conditioned to gaze vacantly at a TV and absorb dull, mediocre advertising for dull, mediocre products that any change to the status quo scares the living hell out of you and you lose your little minds. “€œWhat will I tell my children!!!”

    At the end of the day the world revolves around your family, right? Surely your water-headed toddler’s interpretation of the appropriate advertising content for chicken is worth more than freedom of speech.

    Here’s an idea, why don’€™t you tell your kids that instead of using sex to sell a toothbrush or car like everyone else, they’€™ve used it to sell food. No don’t do that, it would diminish the ad’s effect and your kids might one day develop free-thought. Better idea: Write letters to government, rally the streets, go online and build entire websites dedicated to the product. That will show those Nando’€™s marketing guys who’s boss.

    I love these uni lecturers, tafe students, and PR people voicing your disgust on here like you’re experts. Of course you guys would hate it the most -€“ you’€™re the very people responsible for turning out the droning white-noise advertising in the first place.

    Nandos isn’t bland, boring and safe, that’€™s the point, it’€™s incompatible with you anyway – so why not exploit your self-righteous and ill-conceived values to spring-board this product beyond anything a traditional ad could ever possibly achieve. No, you won’™t by it, but you were never expected to -€“ I will though and so will everyone who isn’t like you, ie: their market.

  • Mark

    Done before. See Adslogans.

  • Marty

    Dear Nick or is it “DICK”, speak for yourself buddy when you refer to us as “Simple minded guardians” You know nothing about the peaple who took the time to engage in this NANDOS feed back. You talk about free speech. Try practising what you preach mac. Sure make a point but dont dare to to insult peoples free speech by insinuating we are all Simple Minded. Who the hell do you think you are! A movie critic or maybe you had something to do with the making of this crap? Get a Life! Oh! No need to answer this comment I have said all I need to about this add and you. Both not worth the time of day.Unless of course you wish to exercise your rights to free speech.


    One of the Advertising Standards Bureau Board member is no other than Catharine Lumby. For those of you who have not seen who she is…g o on the ASB Webpage and click on Board Members. This was the women DEFENDING to keep BIG BROTHER UNCUT ON TV!!! She appeared on t.v with Gretal a couple of times. If you remember UNCUT.. well that’s another story in itself.
    My point, No wonder this advert was seen as ‘OK’. This is an article from the she has written – read it at Sydney Morning Herald.

    SO guys…the problem is this right here….

    CONTACT YOUR LOCAL MPs and get government to hear the publics concern of the so called, SELF -Regulation system run by the ASB….it is a BIASED System, that lets down the community and run by BIAS advertisers themselves. AND THIS IS FAIR HOW????


  • Peanut

    They actually do have the gum at the restaurant. My friend tried it and said that it tasted like sauce. Personally, I have never walked into a Nandos and after this ad, I never plan to. Surely they could have come up with something else. Not even sure why they’re trying to advertise gum like this. It’s crazy: inapprorpiate. Definitely. Especially if it was aired between the hours of 6:30am and 9:00pm, as they it’s the ‘official’ time that children are viewing television programs and consequently commercials. If I was to view this advertisement during that time; I would contact the station (or any other person to whom it may concern) and complain that it’s breaching a CTS(Children’s Television Standard).
    Wonder who Nandos hires to create their ads.???