Nandos Fix Patch and Gum

Nando’s Australia (the spicy chicken chain) is not selling Nandos Fix patches and gum to satisfy those cravings for Peri Peri chicken. But they do have a rapidly growing reputation developing through their television/viral campaign spoofing nicotine fix patches and gums. And judging from the response to their TV ad the chicken restaurant is not likely to win too many new Australian customers.

A scene from the Nandos Fix Patch ad

Nando Fix Patch

The campaign started in 2006 with the Patch push. A morning meeting that drags right through lunch time. Nando Fix. Middle of the night Peri Peri cravings. Nando Fix. Pre-operative fixing, too young to chew, can’t be trusted with cutlery, held by captive by an extremist militia? Nando Fix when you simply can’t get to Nandos satisfy your Peri Peri cravings with a replacement patch. Nandos Fix now not available at Nandos.

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Nando Fix Gum

A pole dancer gives us the benefits of the new product…

“If you’re a busy woman like me you don’t have time for cravings. At work I used to tame my Peri Peri cravings with a Nandos Fix patch. It had its drawbacks though. With new Nandos Fix Gum I can tame my cravings without taming my clients. Of course nothing beats enjoying Nandos with my family. But Nandos Fix Gum comes close.”

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The Nandos Fix campaign is being rolled out by CHE, Melbourne, by executive creative director Jason Ross, deputy creative director/copywriter Richard Ralphsmith.

Filming for the Patch ad was shot by director Chris Boyle via Hub Productions, Melbourne, with producer Tim Anderson.

Filming for the Gum ad was shot by directors Damon Escott and Stephen Lance via The Guild with producer Leanne Tonks.

Nandos Fix Gum packet

Nando’s Background

Nando’s is a global fast-food restaurant chain with a Portugese theme originating from South Africa. The company specializes in chicken dishes with either lemon and herb, mild, medium, hot or extra hot peri-peri marinades (properly known as Galinha à Africana). The sauces can be bought separately. Side dishes include spicy rice, chips (with either Chicken Salt, or Peri Peri Salt), coleslaw, corn on the cob (mealies), cous cous, portuguse rolls or side garden salads.

This isn’t the first controversial Nando’s advertising campaign involving a pole. A South African TV ad in 2000 showed a guide dog intentionally leading a blind woman into a pole after she had bought takeout from Nando’s. As soon as she was unconscious the dog helped itself to her chicken meal. Complaints to the South African Advertising Standards Authority led to the ad being withdrawn.

See my post on the Nandos Ruffle Some Feathers campaign in Australia.

A scene from the Nandos Fix Gum ad


The Australian Advertising Standards Bureau recently dismissed complaints about the second advertisement on the grounds that the images were not inappropriately suggestive. Complaints received covered a diverse range of issues. Complainants felt that the ad was sexist towards both men and woman, pole dancing was not consistent with family values, and it contained material that was inappropriate for children.

“The Board did not find that pole dancing was incompatible with family values. The ad also has an M classification, which means can only be shown during programs recommended for persons over 15,” said Chief Executive Officer, Fiona Jolly.

Read the Advertising Standards Bureau summary of the case in pdf format.


The Nandos Fix Gum ad was voted Australia’s worst television commercial of 2007, measured by the 300 complaints received by the Advertising Standards Board.

  • candy say:

    My sister first seen this ad in QLD, and told me to look out for it in NSW as it left her in shock! I could not believe what this ad is portraying;
    that it is normal behaviour to work in a strip club and then return home to your husband & children.
    Also showing the man in the club giving her $20 then $100 when she hasn’t got the patch on her butt.
    Personally i think it is degrading to women, as sex doesn’t always get the ‘point’ across but most the time the ‘point’ of the add is lost!!! I just think you remember an Add or product from how it left the audience feeling and i can guarantee most will be left quite disappointed in the way you thought to sell this Ad to us!?

  • Al

    Wowwww, this ad is so clever!!!!! Gee, I like totally get it! Those advertising guys are sooooo smart. They’re, like, totally saying that PeriPeri is sooo addictive, man, that you need a patch to stop your need for a Nando Fix.

    What a stupid ad. It does succeed in making the viewer aware of the brand, so I’ll give it that. But it otherwise is a case of advertisers trying more than a little too hard to be off-beat, cool and viral. They have succeeded to get the brand out there, but with poor association.

  • rach

    I do NOT think this advert is successful in any way shape or form. I still don’t get. I still don’t know what it is advertising…and i WILL NEVER EAT AT NANDOS AGAIN!! i hate bum cheeks in chicken ads…and this is successful ? By turning people away and never returning…pttt please.
    If i were nandos, i would be walking with my head down in shame and embarrsasment.
    Strippers…Nicotine patches, GUM..somehow = me eating their chicken…???
    F*** of mate!

  • MARTY Said: “Dear Nick or is it DICK?, speak for yourself buddy when you refer to us as Simple minded guardians? You know nothing about the people who took the time to engage in this NANDOS feed back. ”

    Sure Candy here doesn’t even have a grasp on grammar and Rach and yourself personify the meaning of a hypocrite by arguing for higher moral standards on TV by using profanity.

    The entire situation is almost laughable almost.

    Seriously people – I’m not saying the ad is tasteful but it’s not supposed to be. But I’m shocked at how effective it’s been – its worked exactly as they’d intended and that scares me because I thought our population was smarter than this.

    I would have thought people would look at it and go “wow, that’s weird, not my cup of tea – anyway – back to the big issues. Instead of the angry mob of witch hunters I see here. There’s so many more offensive things happening in our country that deserve attention before this. Poker Machines, HIH, Horse Racing, Modern Farming methods, the war on terror, cotton and rice growers in drought-stricken areas, fundamentalist Christians, The fact that our media gives more coverage to the Broncos than it does to Iraq. The list goes on and on. If you hate strippers so much you should ban together and lock arms in front of strip clubs – not chicken takeouts. It all smacks to me of a reactive mob who aren’t taking a step back and looking at the big picture here.

    All I’m saying is I’m sick of being told how to live my life based on what someone else’s toddler might “think”. From child-proof power points to pool fences to people trying to sensor the internet. People expect society to make constant sacrifices to their personal liberties as a compensation for what should really come down to effective parenting.

    Protecting your kids from a late-night commercial by trying to ban the ad… Wouldn’t putting your kids to bed at a decent hour be a little more constructive to the greater good of your family AND our society? Or how about explaining to your family the unpleasant realities of being a sex worker so some day your kids won’t grow up to become one.

    As a democracy it’s your civil responsibility to control your government, not the other way around. The day you start encouraging your government to dictate what information you as a citizen can, and cannot have access in the name of ‘decency’ is the day you’ve just surrendered your most valuable civil liberty. And all because you were scared of what your toddler might think…

  • Ade

    I thought the ad was hilarious! what a change from the usual facadist family crap we usually have to put up with “.. i just can’t staaaaaand baaaad odours”.. i mean PLEASE, like those house wives arent skanking up the house with their sweaty g strings…
    As Nick said if you’re worried about this you really need to read any newspaper and re-think your priorities.

  • helen


    First of all, i could NOT care less what you say. WE all will take this futher, i already have contacted a few MPs about the ruling of this ad and the BIASNESS of the ASB BOARD, not to mention a system which is INCONSISTENT. I WILL FIGHT FOR WHAT I THINK IS RIGHT. OK???

    Second – We need to educate our kids about sex, NOT ENDORSE or PROMOTE the SEX INDUSTRY as a great career choice for our kids to pursue. What happened to respecting ourself and self worth?
    There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE in educating kids about sex workers…and ADVERTISERS USING THIS INDUSTRY TO GLORIFY THE PROFESSION…Just so they can get ‘SHOCK’ value. The media plays a big part in shaping kids attitudes and beliefs. There are many studies that support this theory.
    So you can understand why a lot of parents are concerned and outraged about this ad and the ruling it was given from the ASB.

    Why do we need to promote soft pornography in the mainstream media? Nandos, is NOT an brothel or strip club. It is compelely INAPPROPIATE. Society is so over obsessed with PORN. No wonder the NT, has sexually abused kids, not only due to alcohol, but the NORMALITY of easy PORN access and the view that PORN is GOOD and is for all ages.

    Do you see where i am going with this. This t.v ad is a beginning of a new age, where Soft PORN will be seen as OK and normal for kids. THAT IS NOT ON!!

  • I didn’t realize television was now a viable substitute for parenting “in shaping kids attitudes and beliefs.”

    Please Helen, why don’t you share with us some of these remarkable ‘studies’ you’re privy to which support your “argument: (if you can call it that). I’d be very interested to read them – linking a direct coronation between showing a woman in underwear in a commercial with sexual abuse in… the Northern Territory was it? That’s astonishing. Just think what must have happened when people first laid eyes on the Sistine Chapel in Rome, or David!

  • Rob Smith

    I put in a submission to get a bite and didn’t even get a nibble. These complainers haven’t got a life. It’s a bloody tv add who cares ? It’s a laugh.Show the blind guide dog version that should get em going. Someone actually slagged the actress/model…low act. If you know her you must mix in the same circles…something about throwing stones ! If you’re worried about corrupting the kids turn the telly off and make them read a book. Oh you might miss a murder show. dim bulbs are too common.

  • Alex

    I love it!! Awesome ads, very funny! 😀

  • You lot are a pack of whinging, narrow-minded, pontificating idiots. The ad was foolish in that there wasn’t a simpler or more traditional introductory campaign to adjust us to the name and logo. For that reason the ad mainly caused confusion amongst its intended audiance.

    On the other hand, if it was understood, the juxtaposition of a pole dancer and family life would have been treated as ironically inovative – But then again, there still would have been complaints from women who publicly drool over Victoria Beckham’s husband’s package but declare anything even mildly erotic to men as “sexist.”

  • me

    well said mate !!!!!!!!!

  • Sue

    I Love Nando’s and their chicken!

  • Sue
  • John E

    I love it! And i love Nando’s. I’d never give it up even if there was a patch or gum!
    This is clever advertising and all the prudes need to get a life! This is the 21st century!
    I’m glad that Nando’s have a sense of humour, adds to the experience.
    But on a serious note there must be something in the chicken, cause it is highly addictive!
    P.S. So glad i get Nando’s fix twice today! Been a long time since lunch yesterday!