MS Use By Dates

MS Australia, The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Australia, launched a public awareness campaign using a nude female model with ‘Use By’ stamps on her body. “When you have multiple sclerosis you never know what will expire next.”

MS Use By Dates Print advertisement

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic, often disabling disease that randomly attacks the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). The progress, severity and specific symptoms of the disease cannot be predicted; symptoms may range from tingling and numbness to paralysis and blindness. MS is a devastating disease because people live with its unpredictable physical and emotional effects for the rest of their lives.

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The MS Use By Date campaign was developed at Cummins & Partners, Melbourne, by creative director James Procter, copywriter Matthew Page, art director Carolyn Davis and producer Andrea Le Sueur. Photographer was Derek Swalwell.

  • Kerry

    HOW SCARY !!
    Just cant imagine living every day like that the fear would be very intense i’m sure.
    As much as this is true I’m living it every day I am a single Mother with two young children I was diagnosed with M S 2 Years ago. And I can totally relate to the Shots shown above.
    the only thing missing from these shots is the Date should be shown underneath the use by but fading in and out showing different dates as they reappear and fade out again
    You see, its not only WHAT will epire next, but the fear of WHEN it will expire
    Will it be WHEN your out with the kids for the week on holidays
    Will it be WHEN i’m out on my own somewhere
    Will it be blindness WHEN i’m driving
    Will it be is just as scary as WHEN
    so even if a couple of them all ready had permanent stamped use by dates on the body somewhere to show that the date had already expired in some area of her body ie. hands fingers stamped with date permanent and fading dates above near shoulder and collar bone as if this has already been so any way i dont know if i was to respond to this but i just had to have a little vent thanks i vented

  • Barb Abrams

    Very neat concept. I have been living with MS for 16 years and am always afraid to discontinue doing something (ie: weight lifting, biking) for fear that it will not be there when I go back and try to do it later. Living like that I just continue to add things onto my daily routines, never knowing what I should cut back on or give rest to for a while. Needless to say, I’m tired a lot. (or is that just an MS symptom….)

    • T. Kay

      Unfortunately, fatigue is one of the persistent symptoms of MS. It’s also one of the trickiest to handle, because the fatigue is your body’s way of shutting you down so your immune system can deal with fighting off infection. My doctors tell me that most MS patients die because they ignore the fatigue, which compromises the overburdened immune system & allows infection to set in. I find the best way to deal with it is to plan a short afternoon nap, instead of trying to push on through. I’ve had MS for more than 30 years, and believe one of the reasons I’ve survived so long is that I pay attention to what my body tells me, even if it’s inconvenient.