Movember Moustaches for Mens Health

Movember (the month formally known as November) is a moustache growing charity event held during November in Australia since 2004. Mo Bros register at with a clean shaven face before growing and grooming their moustache, raising money and awareness for male health issues. The month concludes with gala partés at which contestants battle it out for the prestigious Man of Movember title.

Movember is a mindset

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The Movember campaign was created by Movember Foundation pioneers including journalist, culture writer and book critic Luke Slattery and Travis Garone, founder and creative director of Melbourne design agency Urchin Associates.

The Movember campaign has grown to over 32,000 contestants in Australia through word of mouth and online activity through its website and YouTube, with Maverick Marketing & Communications driving PR. “What we found was a significant number of Aussies beating the Movember drum, so we started to get a lot of interest from other countries,” Slattery said

Movember’s current beneficiary partners in Australia are:

The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
and beyondblue – the national depression initiative with a specific focus on increasing community awareness of depression in men and addressing the associated stigma of men living with depression.

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  • After starting my campaign to grow a MO this Movembers I find my self in deep water.

    Don’t get me wrong the idea is great and I fully support Mens health World wide. In fact if Movember had been around in the 90’s my dad might have lived longer than his 59 years. He was one of those strong silent types who thought you shouldn’t see a Doctor unless an Ambulance was required to get you there.

    Its just that people either love or hate a MO. Take my daughter for instance she is hardly talking to me because of the growth on my upper lip. My wife on the other hand says I’m “cute”. An insult really as I’m growing a bikers MO. How many bikers look CUTE? While my bother in law and Team captain of our Movember team TLP07 is having marital trouble. Troubles that started when he decided to grow the MO. And this is just the tip of the troubled MOberg.

    They (the Movember Committee) didn’t mention anything about these issues on the Movember site just a weak disclaimer that hardly absolves them from anything.

    “The Movember Committee accepts no responsibility for lost jobs, lost girlfriends/boyfriends, rashes to you or your partner or any other such mishaps caused by a Movember Mo.”

    I’ve started a vlog to record all the MO related problems and grievances I encounter during Movember. It’s wise to keep a record, to help prevent similar issues next year.