Moto Pebl Colors Around The World

The Motorola Pebl Colors feature in a television commercial released in 2006. The Pebl skipsalong the sea’s surface from Iceland to Antarctica, South Africa to South America, each scene demonstrating a colour from the new phone’s range: blue, green, pink and orange.

Woman finds Moto Pebl on South American beach

A man walks along a rocky Iceland beach with his dog, stopping to pick up what appears to be a smooth round stone. He hefts the pebble in his hand, before flinging it out over the waves. The pebble skips time and time again, past a lighthouse on a rock. Puffins take flight. Further out to sea the pebble hits the side of a ship, ricocheting in a Southern direction.

Next shot shows penguins and icebergs – indicating an Antarctic location. From here it’s through warmer seas, skipping through lily pads on the way to Cape Town. We’re shown the pebble skipping past alligators, pats of pink flamingos and a school of jellyfish.

Lilypads in Moto Pebl Colours TV ad

Finally the pebble slows down, wafting past a surf fisher before coming to rest on a tropical sandy beach. A woman picks up the orange Moto Pebl, opening it to reveal a picture of the lilypad on the screen.

The super appears over a beach at sunset: “Colour Pebl. Moto Pebl.”.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Moto Pebl Colours TV ad was developed 180 Amsterdam, by executive creative director Richard Bullock, creative director Adam Chasnow, art director Antero Jokinen, copywriter Niklas Lilja, executive agency producer Peter Cline, senior agency producer Matt C. Minor, account director Kelli Stam, planners Majolaine Noel and Dani Campo, project manager Duco Muller, business affairs manager Kiki Ansingh, and production assistant Kate Morrison.

Filming of Moto Pebl Colours was directed by Swedish collaborative Stylewar, via Stink, London, with director of photography Jallo Faber, executive producer Daniel Bergmann, producer Mungo McLaglan and production manager Christabelle Stone.

Filming in Iceland was supported by producer Leifur B. Dagfinnsson at local production company True North. Shooting the guy on the shore from the perspective of the waves required the team to use an amphibious ex-army vehicle. Finding icebergs to film was a challenge when they broke up or moved away. Filming them was even more challenging when they started to collapse next to the crew’s inflatable rubber zodiac.

Man throws Moto Pebl from an Iceland beach

Filming in Cape Town was supported by local production company Stillking Films. The underwater shots of the lily pads and jellyfish were shot in the same pool. Frogs were placed on the lily pads and encouraged to jump for the camera. The shot with the alligator was shot in a muddy puddle with a model alligator. The pink flamingo flock was created in post production using reference shots.

Colour Pebl picked up on tropical beach in Motorola TV ad

Editing was done by Steve Gandolfi at Cut & Run, London with producer Angela Hart. Visual effects were done at Glassworks, London, by producer Jonathan Davies, Flame artist/Special effects artist Diego Vazquez, and colorist Tareq Kubaisi.

Sound was designed at JSM Music by Jim Nicholson, with producer/composer Joel Simon and Neil Jason. Sound was recorded at Grand Central Studios, London and mixed by Gary Turnbull.

Grandfathered Music

The music for Moto Pebl Colours is “Grandfathered”, a track from electronica/dance artist Nathan Fake‘s March 2006 album “Drowning in a sea of love”. Nathan Fake’s music is managed by 3 Beat Management Ltd on behalf of Border Community Recordings.

Nathan Fake - Drowning In a Sea of Love - Grandfathered

Music was edited by Roy Kamen at Kamen Entertainment Group, New York.