Melbourne Imaginary Guide

Melbourne, Australia, invited visitors to use their imagination to guide them through the city in November 2006, in a 45 second television commercial. A visitor to Melbourne finds his imaginary guide in Flinders Railway Station, a huge 12 foot giant dressed in a suit and cap. They check out the music section in a book store, walking past a young woman with a fairy as an imaginary guide. They take in a meal in a Chinese restaurant, visit the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), (where a woman walks with a fish as an imaginary guide). Outside the State library they find the statue of Sir Redmond Barry as well as a school mistress figure of imagination. She’s rapidly dealt with by the giant. The visitor and his giant friend part company on the South bank of the Yarra.

Melbourne visitor and imaginary guide in art gallery

Melbourne visitor and imaginary guide in store

The final super: “Let Your Imagination Guide You. that’s me!bourne city”.

The TV ad is connected with the web site,

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Melbourne City Imagination concept was developed at George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne, by writer Hilary Badger, art director Rob Beamish and agency producer Pip Heming. Badger and Beamish this month moved to Saatchi & Saatchi, Auckland.

Filming was directed by Steve Rogers at Revolver Film, with producer Georgina Wilson and director of photography Nigel Bluck.

Post production was done at Animal Logic.

Media Placement was done by MP Plus, Melbourne.

Music in the Melbourne spot is Waltz in E Flat by Pyotr (Peter) Ilyich Tchaikovsky.