Mastercard Elephant Making It All Better

Mastercard has produced another Priceless television commercial, just in time for the Oscars on Sunday February 25. Ella the elephant stars as a caring and intrepid elephant who uses MasterCard’s PayPass to purchase the ingredients for the zookeeper’s recovery from a cold. Hot soup – four dollars. Cold medicine – eleven dollars. Blanket – twenty four dollars. Making it all better – priceless.

Elephant in drugstore for Mastercard Priceless commercial

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


The Mastercard Elephant TV commercial was developed at advertising agency McCann New York by chief creative officer Joyce King Thomas, art director Kathy Kuhn, copywriter Lisa Brandriff, agency producer Julie Andariese and music producer Mike Boris.

Filming for Mastercard Elephant was directed by Jim Sheridan via Moxie Pictures, with executive producer Lizzie Schwartz, line producer Salli Zilles, and director of photography Phillippe Rousselot.

Editor was Jon Grover at Cut + Run, New York, with assistant editor Merritt Duff, and producers Angie Aguilera & Megan Welsh

Visual effects were developed at Ring of Fire, Los Angeles.

Music was scored by Musikvergnuegen, Los Angeles.

Transfer was done by Tom Poole at The Mill, New York.

  • CuriousGeorge

    The actor in this commercial looks familiar. Anyone know who he is or what else he has been in?

  • BellFan

    I thought the same thing and after much research I still can’t promise how accurate my answer is, but the man looks like Jack Angeles, better known as Mr. Tuttle (the heavy teacher who seemed to teach every subject) from Saved By the Bell. He also made a cameo appearance in Growing Pains as a clown.

  • PatG

    A commercial that really is priceless.

  • TinaF

    I thought this was the nicest commercial I have even seen, I so love elephants and their gentleness.. this actually bought tears to me eyes and the eyes of my family.. I hope I see this lots…. wonderful simply wonderful..

  • JimmyMac

    Loved it! Mastercard you have a hit on your hands! best commercial 2007…

  • mi

    LOVED this ad !!

  • Cheryl

    The actor is Ernie Sabella.

  • Alisa

    Isn’t the opening filmed at the old LA Zoo in Griffith Park? I haven’t been able to get up there since the fire. Anyone know if it was damaged? It’s a trip to see the old enclosures (cages).