Marmite Squeezy Painting – Love it or hate it

Marmite Squeezy, the relatively new product released by Unilver UK Foods, was promoted in the UK with posters using the “Love It Or Hate It” theme. Posters and billboards feature images of people and scenarios that divide opinion in the British public: George Bush, Mr Bean, France, bull fighting, socks and sandals, mullets, hairy chests, Crazy Frog, buskers, Landrovers, Jose Mourinho. The poster campaign was accompanied by an online competition, Marmart, in which Marmite lovers uploaded their toast art for popular acclaim or rejection.

Landrover - Love it or Hate It - like Marmite

The British sports utility vehicle Landrover is loved for its rugged capacity but hated for its gas guzzling features. See the Greenpeace TV ad, Gas Guzzler.

The bull fight - Love it or Hate It - like Marmite

Bull fighting – you either love it or hate it.

France - Love it or Hate It - like Marmite

The English either love or hate France.

Mr Bean - Love it or Hate It - like Marmite

Mr Bean, the Rowan Atkinson character, starred in a comical television series in the early 1990s, a movie (1997) and is now an animated television series. He’s either a delight or an embarrassment.

George Bush - Love it or Hate It - like Marmite

George W Bush – the ultimate polarizer perhaps.

Crazy Frog - Love it or Hate It - like Marmite

The Crazy Frog, originally known as The Annoying Thing, is a computer-animated character created in 2003 by Erik Wernquist.

Jose Mourinho - Love it or Hate It - like Marmite

José Mourinho is the Portugese-born coach for Chelsea Football Club.

The mullet- Love it or Hate It - like Marmite

The mullet – sign of fashion once.

The hairy chest - Love it or Hate It - like Marmite

The hairy chest – the sign of good taste back in the 1970s.

Socks and sandals combination- Love it or Hate It - like Marmite

Socks and sandals – the combination loved by certain nerds.

Busker - Love it or Hate It - like Marmite

And for travellers in the London tube, the busker.


The Marmite Squeezy Painting poster concept was developed at DDB UK, London, by creative director Jeremy Craigen, art director Damien Bellon, copywriter Thierry Albert and account supervisors Tamsin Northridge and Jonathan Trimble.

The artwork, done with dripped Marmite, was produced by illustrator Dermot Flynn at Dutch Unkle, London, and photographed by Andy Rudak.

The Marmite Squeezy art campaign won a Silver Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival 2006, a prize at Epica 2006, a Gold at Eurobest 2006, and a Grand Crystal at Festival de la Publicité de Méribel 2006.

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