Celebrity Photographs Make Trade Fair

Oxfam‘s set of celebrity dump photographs continues to pay dividends in the campaign for fair trade around the world. Colin Firth, Antonio Banderas, Gael Bernal Garcia, Chris Martin, Michael Stipe, Thom Yorke, Damon Albarn and Jamelia are being joined by other singers and actors in a series coordinated by photographer/creative director Greg Williams. The photographs for the campaign are hosted on the celebrity page of Oxfam’s Make Trade Fair website.

Dump greed not cocoa

Thom Yorke, lead singer with Radiohead, said, “How sweet does your chocolate taste when you know the producer in a country you will never see did not even get paid enough to feed his family? How sweet does it taste, exactly, to know our own governments prevent these countries from ever getting off their knees & from ever being able to compete and get PAID, erecting barriers and then DUMPING on them from a great height whilst feigning concern?”

Dump misery not cotton

Minnie Driver, English actress.

Dump hunger not corn

Antonio Banderas, Spanish actor.

Dump poverty not milk

Michael Stipe, lead singer with R.E.M., said, “t leaves a very sour taste in the mouth to know that world trade rules allow the richest countries in the world to milk the poorest farmers in the world dry. Mali has 6 and a half million cattle yet 9,000 tonnes of powdered milk is being imported into the country every year. If we are serious about tackling poverty we change the global world trade rules and make trade fair.”

Dump despair not feathers

Jamelia said, “It’s crazy that for every dollar given to poor countries in aid, two dollars are lost because of unfair trade. Anyone can see that it’s just not right. Farmers should be able to get a fair price for their produce so they can afford a decent standard of living. That’s why I joined the MakeTrade Fair campaign.”

Dump poverty not tomatoes

Djimon Hounsou, Benin-born actor.

Dump apathy not coffee

Colin Firth, English actor.