LTNZ Drinking and Driving Mates

Every bloke in New Zealand knows there are thousands of ways to say the word ‘mate’ – each with it’s own meaning. Land Transport New Zealand (LTNZ) has provided the ultimate linguistic guide to New Zealand mateship, challenging the association of mateship with irresponsible use of alcohol.

Drinking mates in LTNZ TV ad

At a rational level, drink driving is largely established as unacceptable, but young males are drinking, driving and dying in increasing numbers. This ad follows a typical group of mates to show how drink driving betrays true mateship in the worst possible way: it’s a line you just don’t cross.

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Maate was developed at Colenso BBDO by creatives Brigid Alkema and Paul Young and agency producer Marty Collins.

Filming was shot by director Robin Walters via Curious Film, Auckland, with producer Seth Wilson and director of photography Aaron Morton.

Post production was done at Perceptual Engineering. Editor was Jonathan Venz.

LTNZ hosts the Mate ad as a 5 mb mpg video and provides key messages and statistics to back up the advertising campaign.

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3 Responses to LTNZ Drinking and Driving Mates

  1. deadthevideo says:

    I know that this is only an ad, but surely the guy’s death could have been prevented if the gang made prior plans for one of them to not touch alcohol? LTNZ (or NZ Transport Agency, as it is now) could have done alternate versions showing the outcomes of the other guy touching or not touching alcohol.

  2. deadthevideo says:

    Since my previous post, I got to thinking that maybe if they were such good mates then why was he behind the wheel of the car. Surely, there might have been the possibility that the gang knew he was driving and therefore would try to discourage him from driving? They didn’t, so in a way, wouldn’t that make them all responsible for the guy dying, not just one person?

  3. jessica says:

    i love how they told us about this clip seriously

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