Love Affair with Wellington

Positively Wellington Tourism in 2005 worked with Air New Zealand, Te Papa museum and Wellington hotels to launch Love Affair, a domestic advertising campaign designed to encourage New Zealanders to spend recreational weekends in the capital city.

Wellington Affair

A man and a woman are shown spending a romantic weekend enjoying the cafes, waterfront, art gallery, restaurants, night life and hotel accommodation of Wellington. They’re each shown in their hotel room reflecting on their wedding rings (off their fingers). It’s only a family photo that gives away the domestic situation.

The music for the Love Affair spot is “What it Seems” by Jeremiah Ross from the Module album “Remarkable Engines”. (See the Module MySpace site).

Click on the image below to play the video.

As members of the combined team did their research, with help from advertising agency Clemenger BBDO Wellington, they discovered that New Zealanders lacked an emotional attraction to the city. For many people Wellington was the place of business, politics or the place one must visit to take a vehicle between the North and South Islands.

“What became apparent is that we needed to appeal to the hearts and minds of New Zealanders,” Tim Cossar says. “We needed to sell them a dream, the idea of coming to Wellington and falling in love with the city. We then needed to follow this with a call to action, telling them how they could make this dream a reality.”

Another version of the ad, this time with voice over in case people don’t get it…

Click on the image below to play the video.

Which version do you prefer?