Look After Your Little Fella

Impotence Australia is launching a television advertising campaign featuring a man who neglects and mistreats his little fella. All day long the main character ignores the little fella in his life. When the time comes for his help there’s no interest. The tagline: “Look after your little fella and he will look after you”.

Little fella in bed

Click on the image below to play the video.

We were friends
You’re the friend that I love the most
We were friends
You were oh so good to me
We were friends
It was you that I always boast
We were friends
We were best friends indeed.

That’s why I say to you
I wish you’d laugh again
and sing aloud like you used to do
But you don’t call me now
or drop around
I want you to
We’d fly away up high above…


The Impotence Australia campaign was developed at DDB, Sydney by executive creative d irector Matt Eastwood, creative director Steve Back, art director Justin Carew, copywriter Ed James and agency producer Honae MacNeill.

Filming was shot by directors Josh and Jonathan Baker via Window in Sydney. Music was arranged by Nylon Studios. “We were friends” is performed by Sydney band The Strays.