Long or Short Full Feeds?

If you’re one of the 300 or so readers subscribed to Duncan’s TV through RSS feeds, you’d notice that this site’s feeds are in short form. With a new year of blogging I’m reconsidering this and would be interested in feedback.

Long or Short Feed

Arguments for Full Feeds

1. It’s easier to access articles, with photographs and links, even if this site’s server is offline.
2. Articles are more efficiently searched and indexed by search engines.

Arguments for Short Feeds

1. People who only read material in RSS readers are less likely to interact with posts.
2. Daily posts from an image-rich site like this can use a lot of bandwidth
3. Abbreviated posts prevent material from being used ‘as-is’ on other sites

I’m switching over from short to long feeds for the rest of the month. I’d be interested in what you think…

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