Lolo the Donkey Planet Saver

If Lolo the Donkey can save the planet, why can’t you? Si Lolo el Burro puede salvar al planeta, por qué tú no? That’s the line posed by a series of three TV ads from Mexico made for the MTV Switch web site. In “Burro Bus” Lolo the donkey takes the bus, saving the planet from unnecessary carbon emissions. In “Kitchen Donkey (Cocina)” Lolo the Donkey shows us how to recycle, putting a banana in the compost bin and a bottle in the recycling bin. In “Office” Lolo the donkey pulls out plugs from appliances in the office environment, saving the world from global warming.

Lolo the Donkey in Kitchen

Click on the image below to play the Burro Bus video.

Click on the image below to play the Kitchen Donkey (Cocina) video.

Click on the image below to play the Office Burro video.


The Planet Saver Burro campaign was developed at Lowe Mexico, by executive creative director Humberto Polar, creative director/copywriter Flavio Pantigoso, creative director Agustín Esteban, art director Víctor Rojas, and agency producer Adrián Guillermo.

Filming was directed by PC & Chino via BFilms, Mexico, with producer Carlos Estrada, editor Victor Víctor González and director of photography Javier Zarco.

Post production was done at Cluster Studio/ Oxido, Mexico City by head of production Samuel Rosete.

Music is “Goin’ To Rest Where Jesus Is”, by Blind Joe Taggar.