Little Boys Sausages Doing What Comes Naturally

Little Boys, a gourmet sausage company in New Zealand, has a print advertising campaign building on the playfulness of the concept of little boys playing up. According to the Little Boys web site, in creating Little Boys, nothing was left to chance – except for one thing. Jeremy Schmidt and his business partner had yet to find a name for the new product. Now, these two could be pretty passionate about their creations. One day as they were engaged in an intense discussion in the office, someone walked in and made the observation: “Look at them, just like a couple of little boys”. That pretty much settled the name question there and then. In parts of Australia ‘little boys’ is the name given to cocktail sausages, known as cheerios in NZ and wieners in the USA.

Little Boys Chicken and Herb Sausages

One boy with a chicken and herbs, the other with a small axe. What possibly could they be up to next?

Little Boys with a chicken

Little Boys Smoked Venison Sausages

One boy holds a cigarette lighter while the other prepares to smoke the fawn below. It all adds up to smoked venison.

Little Boys with a baby deer

Little Boys Duck and Porcini Sausages

The boys have laid a trap for the duck, using mushrooms as bait. It adds up to Duck Porcini.

Little Boys with a duck


The Little Boys campaign was developed at DraftFCB, New Zealand by creative director James Mok, art director/illustrator Dave Brady, copywriter Craig Knowles, and account supervisor Justin Mowday.

The campaign won a Silver Lion award at Cannes International Advertising Festival 2007.