Lifestyle Channel Building Blocks

Lifestyle Channel is being promoted in Australia with ‘Building Blocks’, a TV ad featuring a couple on road journey. Everywhere the woman looks she sees people carrying on their lives with various form of building blocks. Even the car they’re driving in is formed by blocks.

Driver in Lifestyle Channel Building Blocks TV ad


The Building Blocks ad was developed at XYZ Networks by executive creative director Scott Walker and art director Pete Baxter.

Filming was directed by Michael Spiccia via Goodoil Films with producer Sam Long and director of photography Danny Ruhlmann. Editor was Steve Reeves at Guillotine Post. Post production was done at Fin Design and Effects.

Lyrics used in the Building Blocks ad

Do you think that the grass
that grows under your toes
ever wonders why it’s been
all stepped down by you?

Do you ever suppose that
the moth caught on the window
longing to be beautiful too?

But a moth is not a butterfly
when there’s nothing left to give