Libra Invisible More Than You Want To Know

SCA Hygiene Australia is promoting the Libra Invisible range of feminine products with a humorous television commercial featuring an inquisitive young man keen to know all about his girlfriend’s life. The menstrual product, with new side leakage barriers, is nowhere near as sexy as her eyelash curlers or exfoliating glove. The boyfriend locks himself in the bathroom and calls out sqeamishly, “Tell me when you have stopped talking about that”.

Boyfriend in Libra Invisible TV ad


The TV ad, along with magazine and bathroom promotions, was developed at Clemenger BBDO Melbourne by executive creative director James McGrath, creative director Emma Hill, group account director Sue Peden, senior account director Susan Foley, account manager Georgie Bugelly, copywriter Emma Hill and art director Cameron Hoelter.

Filming was shot by director Glendyn Ivin via Exit Films, Melbourne.

Sound was designed at Final Sound. Post production was done at Tide. Media was the responsibility of OMD.

  • sue bazza

    I am discussted with Liberas recent TV add regarding Libra Invisable sanitary pads with a stupid man playing with the womans pads and sticking them all over his body this is degrading to women and I find this very embarrasing I dont see women throwing mens prosterate problems up in mens faces you couldnt have come up with a worse add and I guess it was a mans idea why joke about periods we all would not be here if it wasnt for them would we get rid of that horrible comercial and at lease get something sensible and feminine sue bazza

    • CB

      I found it funny. There’s nothing wrong with periods, so why is there something wrong with making light of them? It’s better than treating them like some sort of disgusting ‘problem’, as you put it. The ad is quite the opposite of degrading to women. If anything it’s degrading to men, because it portrays the male as stupid.

  • Jo

    Thanks for the commercial….Sooooo funny…my son recently went to a fancy dress party dressed as “the Libra Invisible Man”.. So sick of the feminine hygiene commercials with animals in them it is refreshing to see a company come up with something humorous. Facebook have a fans page now with well over 10,000 members. It has so much support congrats on a job well done