Levis Copper Jeans Mine To Be Explored

Levi Strauss Co. Singapore has launched an online campaign promoting the Copper Jeans line for men and women, at www.levi.com.sg/copper. The advertising campaign invites men and women to explore a copper-focused HTML-driven site, with separate sections for each gender. Stroll along this site and feast on the classic features of the Levi’s® Copper™ Jeans – blown up for you. If you’re up for it, you can also download your own pair of Levi’s® Copper™ Jeans, bury a message for a friend, and search for loose Copper nuggets to know intriguing facts about copper relating to the Statue of Liberty, the Dead Sea Scrolls, electrical conductivity and coinage.

Man discovers jeans in copper mine

Walk the talk and strut your very own pair of Levi’s® Copper™ Jeans. Just choose your size, print out the jeans (16 mb zipped pdf file) and you can see how you’d look in a pair of Levi’s® Copper™ Jeans. And if you’re up for it, post pictures of you dressed in your printed-out jeans – complete with your personal take on the rest of the outfit.


The Copper Mine campaign was developed at OgilvyOne, Singapore,

Photographer was Simon Harsent.