Legends Condoms Or Screaming Kids

Legends Rubbers in Australia has released a print campaign warning about the consequences of avoiding birth control. Children. Children with teeth. Children with whiny voices demanding attention. Legends, based in Queensland, is known for reintroducing condoms for sale in collectible tins.

Girl screams behind a curtain of latex

Twins scream behind a curtain of latex

Boy screams behind a curtain of latex, bear in hand


The Screaming Kids ads were developed at Clemenger BBDO, Sydney, by creative director Danny Searle, copywriter Robbie Brammall, art director Ant Hatton, with photographer Jimmy Fok of Calibre Pics and Katapolt Photography, and typographer Louis Huosien.

  • Can I give this no stars? Another nasty piece of work from Clemenger bbdo, all about the of the viewer and the defense of their personal independence and selfishness at any cost, and nothing else. Danny, Robbie, Ant and Jimmy; the kind of people who think of children as nasty little nuisances like these are the same kind of people who’ll get an abortion rather than raise a baby they’ve conceived (perhaps because their Legends condom failed, as they sometimes do). I’m sure your client would not have wanted you to say ‘abortion’ in an ad, though. “Use a Legend, or else you’ll have to choose between having an abortion, and actually raising one of these and kissing your fun-loving, youthful independence goodbye forever,” probably wouldn’t have gone down so well, even though that is exactly the message of your ad as it is. Really nasty, ugly stuff here.