Land Rover Go Beyond

Land Rover in July 2006 launched its online ‘Go Beyond’ adventure interactive web site with a TV advertising campaign.

Driver looks through the window of Land Rover

The driver of a Land Rover looks through his window as a voiceover, (Ewan MacGregor), provides a commentary. There’s a hint of wilderness, city lights and then ‘Beyond’.

“There is a place called beyond. where the ordinary becomes the extra ordinary. Where people dance like no one’s watching, and caution is thrown to the wind. In Beyond dirty is better than clean, now is better than never, and dare is better than don’t. We can all get to this place just pack some courage, some spirit, and some nerve. Then go! Go AWOL! Go off the page. Go Beyond.”

Boy on horse rides through sheep clouds for Land Rover TV ad

With the driver we see a boy on horseback riding through sheep made of clouds, a woman dancing at a petrol station, a fast food drive-through operator climbing through the window to embrace her boyfriend, children on a mud slide, a young woman visiting what we assume to be her estranged mother, and fire dancers. The spot ends with a shot through the window of a city office.

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The Land Rover Go Beyond campaign was developed at Rainey Kelly Campbell Rolfe/Y&R, London, by creatives Pip Bishop and Chris Hodgkiss, with agency producer Tim Page.

Filming was directed by Nicolai Fugslig via MJZ, London, with producer Nelly Jordan.

Flame dancers in Land Rover Go Beyond TV ad

Sound was engineered by Aaron Reynolds at Wave Recording Studios. Music was composed by Sound Lounge. Editor was Russell Icke. Post production was done at The Mill, London.

The Mill team included producers Darren O’Kelly and Fi Kilroe, colorist Paul Harrison, Lead Flame Neil Davies, Flame artist Jay Bandlish, CG producer Gil James, CG supervisor Robert Kolbeins, CG animators Mikko Martikainen, James Sindle and Andrew Cadey, and Matte painter Dave Gibbons.

Land Rover Go Beyond Microsite

  • I listened to the commercial and love it! I think that there are some things missing in the monologue that Ewan did that you have posted.

    This is what I got:

    “There is a place called Beyond, where “but what if” and “is that wise” are never heard. Where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and today is never a repeat of yesterday. Where people wake up to a cloudy sky, and say, “you know what, I don’t think I’ll take my umbrella”. Where caution is thrown to the wind, and people dance like no one is watching. In Beyond the rule book has never been written. Wealth is measured in time, not money. Dirty is better than clean. Now is better than never, and dare is better than don’t, and, well, you get the drift. We can all get to this place, just pack some courage, some spirit, and some nerve. Then go, go awol, go a miss, go off the page. Go Beyond!”

  • Kirk Y

    I’ve seen this ad recently and i’ve already been deeply atracted by it!It’s just amazing and you can’t tell why or what makes you so inspired when you watch this ad.It’s a poem, it’s a poem about life, about our dreams, and about the freedom.

    Very thankful to Shane G about her work of fiding the origional poem of Ewan