Land Rover Discovery Cameraman

Land Rover is promoting the Discovery 3 as the 4WD trusted by experts in a TV advert filmed in Mexico. The TV spot, named Cinematographer and Cameraman, depending on who you’re talking to, features a small stunt plane show in Quatro Cienegas, Southern Mexico. Planes are filmed flying over an arid valley 740 meters above sea level. The cinematographer (played by Phil Macaulay) responsible for filming the planes has his camera set up on the back of a Land Rover Discovery 3.

Airplane in Land Rover Discovery TV ad

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The Land Rover Discovery Cameraman ad was developed at RKCR, Y&R, by a team including creatives Steve Williams, Adrian Lim and agency producer Jody Burrows.

Filming was directed by Stuart Douglas, via Nice Shirt Films, with director of photography Tony Brown, VFX compositor Jon Hollis, executive producer Richard Martin and producer Jules Fennell.

It’s been a fiesta,’ said Stuart when asked about filming in Mexico. The local community welcomed the crew with typical Hispanic enthusiasm. The filming was front page news in the local press, and the Mayor, Salvador Montenegro, held a party to kick off production. As Stuart Douglas pointed out, this was a major production and with townspeople working as extras on the shoot, the safety of everyone involved was paramount. The unit knew they could rely on the car for a safe drive, and the only preparation was to set up the filming rig for the cameraman. Although a rig like this is not a standard option, you’ll find all the accessories you could possibly need on the Discovery 3.

Stunt Airplanes in Landrover Discovery TV ad

Stunt pilots were Steve Hinton and Matt Younkin. Matt Younkin is an aerobatics pilot who flies daring stunts for airshows in the United States. For this shoot, he flew a one-of-a-kind replica of a Travel Air Type R ‘Mystery Ship’. The Mystery Ship, surprise winner of the 1929 National Air Races, used a high compression version of the Wright R-975 Whirlwind radial engine delivering 425 horsepower. In trial runs, it reached a top speed of 225mph. To film a plane like this over rough terrain, it took a Discovery 3 with a 4.4 litre 295hp V8 petrol engine and a maximum speed of 121mph.

Making Of Landrover Discovery Cinematographer

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