Plumber Jo Works For Kohler Toilets

Kohler Plumbing Products has created an advertising campaign focused on an irresistible plumber called Jo. A man is on his way out when he catches the eye of a female plumber turning up at his neighbor’s house. He needs to see her again and so rushes inside to sabotage his own toilet. He attempts to clog the toilet with paper, cloths, candles, shampoo bottles, underwear, flowers. But they all go down without a problem. While he tips a bag of dog food into the toilet a woman enters the bathroom – presumably his wife. The problem is he’s using a Cimarron™ Comfort Height™ elongated 1.28 gpf toilet with Class Five™ EcoSmart™ technology.

Plumber Jo in Kohler Toilets TV commercial

Click on the image below to play the video.

Viewers are invited to visit to see Jo go through the same motions. See my post on the interactive site at Duncan’s Interactive.


The TV campaign, launched on March 19, was developed at GSD&M, Austin, TX, by creative director David Crawford, art director Mike Ferrer, copywriter Jeff Maki, agency producers Arrow Kruse and Jeff Johnson, with account managers Marianne Malina, Lilian Ojeda and Robert Woods.

Filming was directed by Frank Todaro at Moxie Pictures, with producer Robert Fernandez and director of photography Steve Keith-Roach. Editor was Sam Selis at Charlie Uniform Tango, Austin, and Beast Editorial, Austin.

Music was composed by Pete Nashel at Duotone Audio Group.