Kleenex Let It Out with Starrfadu

Kleenex, the tissue manufactured by Kimberly Clark, is being promoted in a campaign called “Let It Out”, centred around a blue couch and a song by band Starrfadu. Television advertisements lead to a web site, www.letitout.com, in which viewers are encouraged to express themselves. “It’s time to let it out. It’s time to laugh until you cry, scream until you spit. Show your heart and show some tears. Sing at the top of your lungs. Jump for joy. And when tons of stuff stuffs up your nose, blow it loud and blow it proud. It’s time to let it out.”. The ads are shown in flash format on the UK and North America versions of the site.

Tony Callaghan with his blue couch

The UK ‘Let It Out’ campaign is being promoted with a television/Youtube video in which actor Tony Callaghan (Sgt Boyden in The Bill), sits by a blue couch in various London locations. He invites members of the public to sit down for a chat and ensures that he has a box of tissues ready for any tears. The UK spot, “Good Listener”, includes the text: “Are people ready to let it out? Turns out – all it takes is a good listener and Kleenex tissues”. The spot was filmed on location outside Spitalfields Market, near Waterloo Station and Richmond, London. Click on the image below to play the video.

The US video has a woman telling the story of her wedding day, including the way she felt elated when she first saw herself after her makeup artist had finished. “The night of my wedding I got home and cried…” Click on the image below to play the video.

Watching the English book at Amazon.co.ukA radio campaign starts on January 15 on London’s Heart 106.2 FM and Dublin Q102 and run for three months. Every day, between 2pm and 3pm, listeners will be invited to phone in or e-mail the DJ to describe their ‘Let It Out’ moment and which song embodies that moment.

Kleenex marketing manager UK and Ireland, Marc Zander, comments: “The idea behind the ‘Let It Out’ campaign is to try and create an emotional affinity between the consumer and Kleenex tissues. By establishing this emotional bond we hope to make the tissue much more than just a product but rather an indispensable aid to help people let their emotions out.”


The ‘Let It Out’ campaign was developed at JWT, New York, by executive creative director Walt Connelly, art director Jim Carroll, copywriter Richie Glickman, agency producer Alexander Strohm, with account manager Tamara Holland-Martin (JWT London).

Filming was directed by Brett Morgen via Independent Films. Editing and post production was done at Mad River Post.

Kleenex Study

Kleenex commissioned a three month study of more than 2,500 people by the Social Issues Research Centre, Oxford. Kate Fox, director of the SIRC, is known for her 2005 book “Watching the English”.

Watching the English at Amazon.co.uk

Let It Out by Starrfadu

“Let it out” was composed by Austin Hartley, and recorded on the Starrfadu album “A Narrow Road to Silence”. Starrfadu is Brian Moody (drums), Dave Martin (bass) and Austin Hartley (vocals and guitar). Starrfadu are based in Springfield, Missouri. For more details see the official Starrfadu web site and Starrfadu MySpace site.

Starrfadu - A Narrow Road to Silence - Let It Out

Lyrics for Let It Out

Do you want to lay your head on my shoulder?
I don’t mind if you cry
sometimes we all just to need to let it out

Just let your tears run down my arm
so I can keep them in a blue jar
We’ll drink them later
so just let it out
Let it out…

Let’s take a walk just to clear our heads
I don’t mind that you’re holding my hand
You say you love me so just let it out
Let it out


Your smile is pleasant
a change from before
When you saw that you couldn’t take any more
Sometimes we all just need to let it out
Let it out.
Let it out