Kevin Rudd and Labor Vision for Australia

Kevin Rudd in October 2007 outlined the Labor vision for Australia’s future. Heading into 2008 Australia is now in ‘taste and see’ mode. At some point the country will need to move into ‘make it happen’ mode.

Kevin Rudd Labor Leader in 2007 commercial

Kevin Rudd:

This year I’ve been talking to people all over Australia, including back here in this part of country Queensland where I grew up. This is a great country, and what struck me is there’s so much we all have in common. We want the best for our families, for our kids to one day afford their own home, for every young person to get a first-class education, a decent hospital system, and a workplace that’s fair and balanced.

This election is about the future, and it’s our common goals that have helped shape my future plans. For an education revolution, including pre-schools, trades, as well as universities. Real action now on climate change. A national plan to fix our hospitals, by ending buck-passing between Canberra and the states. And a workplace that’s fair and balanced. An economy that’s strong, but one that also delivers for Australian working families.

It’s our common goals that have made our country great in the past and, if we stick with them, they’ll keep Australia great into the future.

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  • Megan from Imaginif

    It has just struck me that Kevin 07 is a lot like Natasha Stott Despoja (ex Democrats). Young Natasha worked the media to her advantage. Is Kevin the new media darling? At least he may help to raise Web2 and blogging to the wider Australian public.
    Here via the Carnival of Australia.