Justice vs Simian We Are Your Friends

We Are Your Friends, the Justice remix of Simian track Never Be Alone, is presented in a music video featuring an apocalyptic post-party morning filled with elaborate pranks. The video concept was based on the US fraternity custom of ‘nesting’ in which friends pile stuff on top of their drunk, unconscious friends.

Man surrounded by green bottles while asleep

The music video opens with a warning: “The following video features stunts performed by professionals under very strict control. We insist that neither you or anyone else attempt to recreate or perform anything you have seen. J.U.S.T.I.C.E vs S.I.M.I.A.N”. The tempo begins slowly, as a range of young men and women wake up in strange parts of the room, one surrounded by green bottles, another dressed in an elaborate costume, another painted in black. A cat is thrown into the mix, setting off a domino effect as furniture, furniture, breakfast cereal and syrup fall to the ground.

Simian, English electro-rock band (based in Manchester), released “Never Be Alone” in 2002 on their second album, “We Are Your Friends”. Band members Simon William Lord, James Ellis Ford, Alex MacNaghten & James Anthony Shaw, split up in 2005. Ford and Shaw formed the dance-oriented Simian Mobile Disco.

Justice, the French electro duo Gaspard AugĂ© and Xavier de Rosnay, entered their remix of “Never Be Alone” in a competition before releasing it as a single in 2003 on Ed Banger Records and in 2004 on DJ Hell’s International DeeJay Gigolo Records. The track was released in UK in the summer of 2006, under the title “We Are Your Friends” on Ten Records, a sub-label of Virgin Records.

Justice - We Are Your Friends - EP - We Are Your Friends

See the Justice MySpace site: www.myspace.com/etjusticepourtous (and justice for all), and the Wikipedia entry for Justice.

Simian - We Are Your Friends - Never Be Alone


The “We Are Your Friends” music video was directed by Rozan & Schmeltz, with Surface To Air, Paris and Partizan, Paris.

Producers were Grace Bodie and Charlotte Marmion, art director Jean-Michel Bertin, directors of photography Martial Schmeltz and Laurent Tangy. Editor was Julien Desplanques at Nightshift, Paris. Post-production was done at Partizan Lab, Paris. Commissioner was Jane Newton. Record label is Ten/Virgin, London.

Jean-Michel Bertin, art director, reveals in an interview with Creative Review, (July 2006),
that the shoot took place in one day in the Surface to Air office and shop, in Paris. The falling tower was filmed in the basement. All actors were professional stunt people, padded and secured with wires.

Man woken by black cat in music video

Justice won the award for Best Video at the MTV Europe Video Awards 2006, for Justice vs. Simian – “We Are Your Friends”. Auge and de Rosnay were not present at the ceremony, and the award was accepted by video director So_Me. Kanye West had been hoping (expecting) to win the award with his music video, “Touch The Sky”. When the award was given to the Justice vs Simian effort he jumped up on the stage to protest, clearly upset that a music video filmed in one day had won. The Justice vs Simian music video also won the ‘Grand Prix du Jury’ at the Festival du Clip in October 2006.

Man painted black while asleep

Lyrics for Never Be Alone (We Are Your Friends)

Poor old forgotten fool
Do you have to do what you do
I agree that it hurts no one but you
But don’t you think it gets us down
To see your long sad frown
We truly believe you’d be better off with us
So come,
Come to the land where anything belongs
No one else will let you know the truth

chorus-Because we are your friends
you’ll never be alone again
well come on well come on
well come on well come on
Because we are your friends
you’ll never be alone again
well come on well come on
well come on well come on

Women covered in breakfast cereals

Take your time to decide
And keep thought far from your eyes
Too many have failed to get this far
but don’t let it get you down
We’re doing all we can
We truly believe you’re lovely when your here

Because we are your friends
you’ll never be alone again
well come on well come on
well come on well come on
Because we are your friends
you’ll never be alone again
well come on well come on
well come on well come on
(never be alone again ooooh oohhhh)
well come on 7x