Jo’s Plumbing Online For Kohler

Kohler, manufacturers of bathroom and kitchen products, has launched, an interactive web site featuring Jo the Plumber and the Class Five Flushing System. Use the cursor to choose bathroom items for Plumber Jo to try flushing down the toilet. Click on the woman herself and she’ll giggle and say, “Stop tickling!”. What she really wants you to do is give her the thrill of flushing down bra, shampoo, marbles, watch, hand towel and rubber ducky. Each flush gives her a chance to tell you more about the Class Five Flushing system.

Plumber Jo


Jo’s Plumbing campaign was developed at GSDM. The site was created at World Leaders Entertainment by creative director/writer/interactive art director Tom Cole, art director/writer/interactive art director Scott Staab, interactive producer John Todor, editor Ben Stein, animator Andrea Stein. Account service was provided by Lilian Ojeda and Robert Woods. Marketplace planning was provided by Kristi Diaz and Rad Tollet. Creative project management was by Sara Rosales. WLE directed the greenscreen shoot, keyed the greenscreen, compressed the video for Flash and programmed the entire site.

The site went live on March 1, 2007. It’s a pity this wasn’t launched in time to coincide with the Super Bowl. Excuse the pun.

See Jo’s Plumbing here on The Inspiration Room for the television commercial introducing the website.

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