Johnnie Walker Invisible in Sydney

Johnnie Walker Red, the Scotch whisky known for its tagline “Keep Walking”, is being promoted in Australia with a television advertisement filmed in Kings Cross, a night spot in Sydney. The ad was launched on Boxing Day 2006 in association with the Australia/England Ashes cricket series, and was connected with the Johnnie Walker Red Label bar found at each of the Ashes venues.

Biker in Johnnie Walker invisible TV ad

The Johnnie Walker Invisible TV ad takes the perspective of an invisible character who is chauffer driven to meet friends for a night on the town. As he leaves his car and walks towards a night club he encounters similarly invisible characters. As he arrives at the bar, the Johnnie Walker Red Room, we discover that the character is Johnnie Walker himself. The ad finishes with the Striding Man logo. Click on the image below to play the video.


The Invisible campaign was developed for Diageo at Leo Burnett, Sydney, by creative director Mark Collis, art director Andrew Ostrom, copywriter Trent Christie and agency producer Simone O’Connor.

Filming was directed by Spencer Susser at Curious Film with director of photography Greig Fraser, producer John Rogers and co-producer Lucy Cooper. The ad was shot over three nights in Kings Cross, an infamous red light district in Sydney.

Post production was done at Fuel VFX, Sydney, by 35 artists and technicians under the leadership of Simon Maddison, VFX producer Dave Kelly, Lead Flame Artist Karen Fabling 3D Lead Mike Bain and 2D lead Chris Davies. 89 invisible people were created for the spot, along with CG and digital doubles used to populate scenes.

Sound was designed at Nylon Studios. The soundtrack to the clip, “Don’t judge me by the clothes I wear, If you get to know me you know I won’t care”, was composed by Elliott Wheeler at Nylon Studios with words by Andrew Ostrom at Leo Burnett. Nylon Studios suggested adding a French translation to the recording. “Ne me juger pas par les vĂȘtements que je porte…”. The song was sung by Pip Branson and Melanie Horsnell.

Johnnie - the striding man in Johnnie Walker TV ad