John West Salmon In Flying Tackle

John West Australia has launched a sequel to the classic salmon fisher vs bear TV ad, “Flying Fish Tackle”, set on Brooks Falls, in Katmai National Monument on the Alaskan Penninsula. Salmon leap their way up a waterfall, awaited by eager bears. A keen salmon fisherman in yellow waders jumps in to grab his catch. He waves the fish at the bear in a gesture of triumph.

Fisherman tackles fish in John West salmon TV ad

“Driven by primordial instinct the salmon hurl themselves upstream to spawn in the same tranquil pools where they were born. Given the toughest hazards of this journey, only the fittest richest tasting red salmon make it this far. Which is why others, driven by their instincts of their own, are waiting. John West endures the worst to bring you the best.” Click on the image below to play the video.


The Flying Fish Tackle was developed at Grey Melbourne by creative director Ant Shannon, creative director Nigel Dawson, copywriter Brendon Guthrie, art director Tim Holmes, agency producer Sandi Gracin, and account supervisor Jane Callister.

Filming was shot by director Mark Bennett via Plush Films with producers Rob Spencer and Melissa Weinman, and director of photography Russell Boyd.

Sound was produced at Nylon Studios by Simon Kane.

Editor was Seth Lockwood at MRPPP.

John West Flying Tackle

Still photography was by Michael Corridore. See Darren Jew’s photograph of the same Brown Bear.