John Butler Trio Funky Tonight

Australian Indie group, John Butler Trio, demonstrate the power of music in the promotional music video for ‘Funky Tonight’. An office team is close to falling to sleep as they listen to a motivational speaker talk about the triangle of success. Inside Donald’s ear there’s the John Butler Trio gets ready to play, surrounded by filing cabinets full of his memories. As they perform ‘Funky Tonight’ Donald finds himself overcome with the desire to dance, overcoming his inhibitions associated with office work. His colleagues are puzzled but find that there’s no turning back as Donald turns the office into a stage. John Butler kicks shut the personal disasters drawer as Donald launches out of the boardroom into the office corridor.

John Butler Trio in Funky Tonight music video

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Funky Tonight was directed by Damon Escott and Stephen Lance at Headshot Films, via The Guild, Melbourne, with producer Leanne Tonkes.

The team shot the clip in Brisbane just prior to the 2006 ARIA Awards where they picked up the award for Best Music Video – the top prize in Australia for film clips for Bernard Fanning’s, Wish You Well.

Daniel dances in John Butler Trio Funky Tonight music video

Lyrics for Funky Tonight

Well I don’t want to argue
I don’t wanna fight
And If there’s something wrong
You know I’m gonna try to make it right
I love you, you love me
We both want family tonight
So get right over here
Let’s get down, go funky tonight
You came out my dream
And there ain’t no doubt about it
And if you want I’ll tell the world
You know I’ll shout it
The way you walk, talk, move
Girl, make the guys all blind
So get right over here
Let’s get down, go funky tonight

For tonight
Let’s go back to when we first met back in 1999
Before you knew I was yours and you’re mine

Gonna turn the lights down
Go up and put the stereo on
Put on our favorite record
By Ella Fitz and Louis Armstrong
I’ll take you to our living room
Dance forth and hold tight
I guarantee you and me
Gonna get down funky tonight