Jesus All About Life

The “All About Life” TV advertising campaign was developed by Bible Society NSW, Australia. The campaign was used on commercial channels in Adelaide in August 2005 and in Canberra, ACT in April 2006, in with cooperation between the local churches and Christian Television Australia. The campaign is set to run in Tasmania in September this year.

Families in Jesus All About Life campaign

There are three TV ads, produced by Adcorp and filmed by Heydon Films, aimed at ’emerging adults’, new parents, and ‘mid-life’ adults. The ads echo attitudes found in research into Australian values held by each of the people groups, showing actors expressing a commitment to positive values, cynicism towards religion, but interest in Jesus. The tagline is “I’m not religious, but a lot of what Jesus says makes sense to me”.

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The research carried out by Bible Society NSW for the “Jesus. All about life” campaign revealed that “Christianity is widely rejected by most non-Christians as an anachronistic and undesirably rigid set of doctrines‚ while the Church is widely regarded as an old-fashioned organisation that is guilty of failing to live up to its own ideals of tolerance‚ forgiveness and humility.” Angus Kinnaird, from FutureBrand, said “While we may wish to present Christian faith in God as a distinct and intrinsically good idea‚ it is practically impossible to make any reference to Christian faith‚ Christ’s teachings or the Bible without immediately eliciting negative associations surrounding the Christian Church and its doctrines.”

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The All About Life campaign is designed with six commitments from the church organisers:
1. Assume some belief
2. Don’t treat people as hostile
3. Be clear about what we believe
4. Connect with the community
5. Be able to deliver
6. Think process not instant response

The ads are online at Heydon hosts the parents TV ad in quicktime format. More information on the campaign is available at has a review of the campaign with a number of comments from viewers.

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