AIDS Danger is Beautiful

Nicolas D’Haussy, animator and director, has produced a low-budget spot, “It’s Beautiful”, advocating protection against AIDS. The 60 second spot features dancers in silhouette portraying three scenarios in which beauty and danger are combined.

Dancers portray a volcano in eruption for AIDS video

The voiceover, written by D’Haussy and spoken by Carol Goode: “A volcano in eruption is beautiful but it destroys all around. The ocean is beautiful but it can bring disaster. Love is beautiful but an unprotected relationship can kill you. You have the means to protect yourself against AIDS. Do it. Wear the condom.” Click on the image below to play the video.


D’Haussy, a student at Supinfocom, managed the project on a zero budget. Dancers were Claire Caillet, Johan Chauveau, Justine Conion, Audrey Tumerel, Sandy Lesauvage. Lighting was provided by Matthieu Christinel with equipment from Manganelli. Color corrections were done by Marc Czerwiec. Music and sound design were done by Timothée Zéphir and Mickaël Maignon at Home Cooking.

Dancers portray an ocean scene for AIDS video

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