IRN BRU Made In Scotland From Girders

IRN BRU, one of Scotland’s national drinks, is known for its light-hearted approach to marketing. Here’s one of the classic ads from 1988, a parody of the feel-good USA-focused marketing of rival Coca Cola.

IRN BRU Made in Scotland

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Lyrics for IRN BRU Made In Scotland from Girders

Don’t you know it’s one of those ads,
Lots of kids with white teeth and giant shoulder pads,
It’s not a drink from those crazy Yanks,
Because it’s made right here, you know it’s tougher than tanks.

Made in Scotland from girders,
Unpronounceable too,
Made in Scotland from girders,
It’s called Barr’s Irn Bru.

Til the day is feeling quite fun
If you see a hit single go to Number One.
The only fly in the ointment, Irn Bru’s that claim:
Made in Scotland from girders.
There goes my chance of fame
It’s a bit of a shame.

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