Ikea and Onis Not For Sale

Not For Sale signs are going up around the United Kingdom, sponsored by two different companies, IKEA and Onis. Ikea, with the help of advertising agency Beattie McGuinness Bungay (BMB), has launched a nationwide integrated advertising campaign using “Not For Sale” signs, indicating that IKEA customers are happy where they are now that they have furniture they like. Visitors to the web site, www.notgoinganywhere.co.uk/ are asked, “What’s the most important thing you’ll ever get out of your home? A profit? Or a treasure trove of memories that’ll never, ever go down in value but always up?”

Not For Sale sign

Onis, a home refurbishment company in London, beat IKEA to the idea in 2006, winning the Construction Marketing Award for best campaign under £25,000 for their Not For Sale campaign. Onis arranged for 20 signs to appear in the front garden of recent customers. Where neighbours expected to see a “for sale” sign, Onis erected a “not for sale” sign. The idea being that you are so proud of your house and your new refurbishment that you are happy for your neighbours to know that your place is not for sale.

Onis Not For Sale signsOnis chief executive Fraser Patterson, with his lawyers, has met up with representatives of BMB and Ikea. This led to a meeting between him and representatives from BMB, including founding partner Andrew McGuinness. BMB suggested that Onis become an affiliate to the notgoinganywhere campaign, receiving free advertising in the IKEA magazine and 200 Not For Sale signs.

McGuinness, founding director of BMB denies any prior knowledge of the Onis campaign. He said: “We’d never seen Onis’s campaign, which is not surprising because when I spoke to Mr Patterson he said there were a maximum of 10 or so signs up across the UK. It’s obviously something he’s very proud of but it’s not something that had come to our attention.

“We did extensive checks against major advertisers, but Onis isn’t one of those. To be honest, I don’t think Onis have ever used Not For Sale in advertising. They haven’t taken an ad out in the papers or on television.”

McGuinness continued: “We’ve got thousands of people who have joined the movement and requested the Not For Sale signs to be sent to them to be put outside their homes. They haven’t got an Ikea branding on them. We’d be delighted if more people joined.

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