If I was HIV Positive

AIDES, the French AIDS activist organisation, is challenging prejudice against people with HIV related illnesses and AIDS, using well known figures from the arts. The message that comes through strongly is that we must be careful to fight the AIDS disease, not the victims. “It’s AIDS that we must exclude, not the HIV positive”. “C’est le SIDA qu’il faut, exclure, pas le séropositifs.” AIDES aimed to remind the French public that people with HIV are still victims of discrimination, sometimes in ways that harm their health. Public figures lent their support to send HIV-positive people a message of support as they faced daily difficulties.

Diam's in AIDES print advertisement

Rap artist Diam’s asks, ‘Would you come to my concerts if I was HIV positive? “Est-ce que vous viendriez a mes concerts si j’étais séropositive?”

Marc Levy in AIDES print advertisement

Novelist Marc Levy asks, ‘Would you turn the page if I was HIV positive? “Tourneriez-vous la page si j’étais séroposittif?”

Mimie Mathy in AIDES print advertisement

Entertainer Mimie Mathy asks, “Would you still find me mimie if I was HIV positive? ” “Me trouveriez-vous toujours aussi mimie si j’étais séropositive?”

Philippe Starck in AIDES print advertisement

Designer Philippe Starck asks, ‘Would I be part of the furniture if I was HIV positive? “Est-ce que je ferais partie des meubles si j’étais séropositif?”

Christine Arron in AIDES print advertisement

Field and track athlete Christine Arron asks ‘Would I still be in the race if I was HIV positive? ” “Est-ce que je serais encore dans la course si j’etais seropositive?”

Singer Line Renaud asks, ‘Would you still give me as much affection if I was HIV positive?”. Comedian Elie Semoun asks, “Would my laughter still be contagious if I was HIV positive? “. Chef Cyril Lignac asks, ‘Would I be treated as a head if I was infected?”

The most recent campaign, launched in November 2007, follows three earlier series of print advertisements.

In October 2006, AIDES challenged discrimination against people with AIDS with the help of Sebastien Cauet, Claire Chazal, Didier Drogba, Jean-Pierre Foucault, Johnny Hallyday, Muriel Robin and Laurent Ruquier. Would we question the talents of people we love or admire if they were HIV positive?

In March 2007 AIDES connected the campaign with the presidential elections in France, with candidates asking the question, “Would you vote me for me if I was HIV positive?”

In October 2007, AIDES linked up with the Rugby World Cup with the help of players Frederic Michalak, Thierry Dusautoir and Yannick Nyanga.


The “si j’etais seropositif” campaign was developed at TBWA, Paris, by creative director Erik Vervroegen, with photographer Patrick Messina.

The campaign, including print and video spots, is being hosted at www.sijetaisseropositif.com.

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