Hugo on Mating Rituals in Human Nature

Hugo Fragrances is launching the fragrance XY for men and XX for women with a viral campaign showing the mating dance between men and women that continues throughout generations and within species.

Hugo Fragrances Human Nature clip

A 1970s-style nature documentary is set in an art gallery in June, the mating season. One of the males has developed natural eye shields… “There is no controlling it. Harmony is overrated. This is human nature.” Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


The Hugo campaign was developed at Grey Worldwide New York by creative director Glenn Porter.

Filming was shot in Palm Springs by director Tryan George via Believe Media, with producer Jennifer Crossett.

See more material from the campaign at, including print, online and video around the concept of XX – XY conflict in the boxing ring.

Hugo Boxing Ring poster