Honda Finished in Melbourne

Honda Australia launched an advertising campaign for the new Honda Civic in March 2006 with ‘Unfinished’, a television advertisement contrasting the ‘finished’ car with unfinished environments. A new Civic drives through a cityscape in which everything seems incomplete. We see people living in houses without exterior walls, cars without bonnets or doors, a baby in a stroller without cladding, children playing in an unfinished playground/pool complex, and a football field with a half-made billboard behind it. The tagline: “The new Generation Civic – nothing else feels as finished.”

Unfinished building in Honda Civic TV ad


Honda Unfinished was developed at advertising agency Foote Cone & Belding, Sydney, by a team including creative director Scott Lambert, creatives Romani Mieszkowski and Deryll Naidoo, agency producer Karina Wright, and planner Simon Rich.

Filming was directed by Jess Bluck via Revolver Film, Sydney, with producer Michael Ritchie and director of photography Robert Humphreys.

Filming for Honda Unfinished was shot over three days during a heatwave in building sites, a derelict factory and an abandoned pool in some of Melbourne’s seedier suburbs. “I moved the commercial away from post, making it all in-camera,” says Bluck. “I tried to let the unfinished world feel as believable as possible in all of its strangeness, without the spot becoming a series of visual gags. I was also aware of keeping a real human element to it – it’s normal life to these people.”

Honda Finished was edited by Seth Lockwood at MRPPP, Sydney.

Sound was designed by Steve Williams at Good Audio Sense (Gas Inc), Melbourne.

Soccer field in Honda Civic TV ad

Sunshine and Clouds Music

Music was the responsibility of Level Two, Sydney. The track used in Honda Unfinished, “Sunshine and Clouds (And Everything Proud), was composed by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Download the track from iTunes:

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Sunshine and Clouds (And Everything Proud)

Unfinished pram in Honda Civic TV ad