Honda Odyssey Rejoices with the Van Gods

The Honda Odyssey is back again with another entry in the Respect the Van campaign. This time an airbrushed Viking god comes to life on the side of a 1970s style panel van. The Honda magic is passed on through a tiger riding goddess, a wizard, and a unicorn-riding goddess. A new Honda Odyssey van grows in the ground alongside magic mushrooms and crystals. All to the sounds of the 1977 Heart track Barracuda.

Viking on side of panel van


The Honda Viking spot was developed at RPA, Los Angeles, by freelance producer Randy Morton, art director Tatum Cardillo, copywriter Dirk Vandeman, director of creative services Larry Postaer, creative directors Joe Baratelli and David Smith, executive producer Gary Paticoff, group account director Chuck Valentine.

“We wanted to create an ode to an era when the van was a symbol of cool and marry it to the apex product in the field, the Honda Minivan,” says RPA Art Director Tatum Cardillo. “The spot straddles the fine line of between homage and hilarious as we enter the world of ultimate van art: the airbrushed Nordic Viking God against the thumping track of Heart’s hit song Barracuda.”

Design and animation were developed at Nylon Motion, Los Angeles, by creative directors/designers Jason Cook and Bryan Lee, executive producer Joe Montalbano, senior producer Dan Bryant, junior producer Jason Kirkham, designers Wonhee Lee, Tomás Pena, 3D technical director/3D animator Sungwook Su, 3D animators Kevin Kim, Jae Hyun Yoo, Hojun Oh, matte painter Derek Tsai, compositors Magnus Hierta and Sam Sparks, Rotoscope artist Edgar Diaz, production assistants Danny Holcolm and David Graybill and storyboard artist Ben Michaels.

“The concept is truly inspiring,” said creative director Jason Cook, “and we embraced the challenge of developing the look and execution of the airbrush come to life working hand-in-hand with the animation team at Titmouse. This effect runs counter to typical direction because most van art is created by non-trained artists and, thus, it had to look rough hewn and great all at the same time.”

Character Design was done at Titmouse Inc., with creative director Chris Prynoski, producer Keith Fay, animation director Dave Vandervoort, clean-up supervisor Junpei Takayama, Clean-up artists Jan Naylor and Dik Pose, colorists Sung Jin Ahn, Gabe Lee, Brian Kim,

Live Action was shot by director Juno Lee via Nylon Motion, Los Angeles, executive producer Joe Montalbano, producer Jeremy Hammond, production manager Leslie Godfrey, production coordinator TaNeil Moore, director of photography Joe Colangelo, motion control operator Rob Menapace, and motion control technician Craig Shumard.

VFX/Online work was done at RIOT, Santa Monica, by Inferno artist Andy Davis, Rotoscope artists Cecile F. Tescon and Robert Tatum, Inferno assistant Chris Hunsberger and VFX producer Dave Sellars.

Honda Odyssey and crystals in Honda Odyssey Van TV ad

Unicorn and god in Honda Odyssey Van TV ad