Honda Asimo Tours Australia Alive and Unplugged

Honda’s robot ASIMO is touring Australia. To promote the arrival of the world’s most advanced humanoid robot Honda commissioned a series of humorous television advertisements with the tagline, “ASIMO – Alive and Unplugged”, Advice, Apology, Oranges and Bolted. From the conversation between assembly line robots we infer that ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) is the Robbie Williams of the robot world. The Asimo tour of Australia, between October and December 2007, is being promoted with rock tour rigs, roadies, street posters, PR appearances, TV commercials and press ads.

Robots in Honda Asimo commercial in Australia

Apologies for the missing YouTube videos. Hopefully they’ll be back soon. In the meantime, check them out at Best Ads on TV: Advice, Apology, Bolted, Ambition and Oranges.


The Honda ASIMO Live and Unplugged Tour advertising campaign was developed at Draft FCB, Melbourne, by executive creative director Scott Lambert, art director Mikey Tucker, copywriter Evan Roberts, agency producer Karina Wright.

Scott Lambert says, “We all think that the robots that we see on production lines are high tech, but they are nothing compared with ASIMO. ASIMO is their hero. The TV component of the campaign showcases a collection of these ‘fans’ having very human conversations about ASIMO’s show, and their adoration of him.”

Filming was shot by director Tim Bullock via Prodigy Films, Melbourne.

Sound was designed at Risk Sound, Melbourne.

via Best Ads on TV