Holden Ute Evolution Ends Here

Holden in Australia and New Zealand is promoting the new range of Utes (utility vehicles) with an advertising campaign Evolution Ends Here. The new Holden VE Ute was released on August 21, 2007, marking the results of 60 years of development.

Green holden in evolution tv ad

The ad opens with a shot of the 1951 FX Ute, a “go-anywhere workhorse” with a modern OHV 6-cylinder engine. The ute morphs into the 1953 FJ model, face-lifted along with the local suburban homes. Before our eyes the ute moves through the 1957 FE model, the 1958 FC model, the 1960 FB model before morphing into the next series of EK (1961), EJ (1962), EH (1963), HD (1965), HR (1966), HK (1968), HT (1969), HG (1970) and HQ (1971). The Kingswood ute is picked up in a tornado and transformed into the a 21st century model before changing again into a green VE (2007) model. Music is “Rip It Up”, by Australian rock group Jet.

Click on the image below to play the video.

See a full history of the Holden Ute written up by Darren at Just Commodores, based on the press release from Holden.


The Holden Ute Evolution campaign was developed at McCann, Melbourne, by creative director Vince McSweeney, art director Beck Wallman and copywriter Alf Lee.

Filming was shot and edited by Mark Toia via Zoom Film & Television, Brisbane with producer Keri Grant.

Post production and VFX were done at Cutting Edge, Brisbane, by VFX producer Melanie Byers, VFX coordinator Claire Chapman, Head of 3D Ben Folkman, technical director: Elie Jamaa, 3D artists Nick Angus, Aaron Briggs, Scott Thomas, Jamie Engel, Steffen Litterini, Roy Mahli, Andrew Goode, Shake compositors Matt Chance, Tim Walker, Tim Jones, Matte painter Richard Deavin, Inferno online artist Jeff Gaunt, and colorist Scott Harris.

Sound was designed by Ross Batten.