Hi NRG Dance Responsibly

VOK Beverages is promoting its new product, HI NRG® new Vodka and Energy Drink, as the drink associated with dancing. The Guarana and Taurine ingredients give party goers the energy to dance all night. Wanting to keep the dance moves in good taste VOK is sponsoring the Dance Responsibly campaign – to keep the dance floors “sucka free”. It’s all online at www.danceresponsibly.com.au.

Dance Responsibly Web Site

The creative idea revolves around the use of key entertaining videos that demonstrate the outcomes of people caught up in the energy of dance. Three initial ‘amateur videos’ have been placed on the site, as well as on YouTube.com, Ebaumsworld.com, Yahoo Video and Google Video. Visitors to the site can upload their own dance videos and vote on others. The website destination is presided over by the Dance Police – two sexy Police Officers who are prone to slapping infringement fines on anyone caught dancing irresponsibly and send them straight to the Shame File.

Here’s the first three videos. Watch at your own risk…

Click on the image below to play the Mooner video in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the Kitchen video in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the Urinal video in YouTube


The Hi NRG Dance Responsibly campaign was developed at Kojo Interactive, Adelaide, Australia, in association with their partner companies Spirit Films, Oasis Post and Tracks Adelaide.

Staff included creative director Justin Wilden, account manager Peta Pool, producer Emma Rhys, social marketer Daniel Lee, designers Alex Hellfeier and Julian Austin, lead developer Matt Allbeury, developers Reece Schaefer and Meena Kasi, cameraman Roh Smith, video producers Annalise Menzel and Jenny Tsimiklis and audio engineer Martyn Zub.

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