Helen Bamber Foundation Lost in Translation

The Helen Bamber Foundation, a UK based human rights organisation, has launched a disturbing video showing the impact of sex trafficking on women attempting to make a new life in the UK. Women who have been trained to speak the sexually provocative language of the sex trade find that they have been cut out of normal life. Warning: the language used here is deliberately provocative.

Lost in Translation

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Lost In Translation was developed at Quiet Storm, London by creatives Neal Colyer, director/editor Kevin Chicken, producer Kate Pirouet, director of photography Will Bex. Post production was done at TVC Soho. Sound was designed by Alex Nicholls-Lee at Scramble.

  • Megan over at Imaginif

    Excellent video. I know it is only for consciousness raising purposes but how dreadful that in a real scenario the sexualised woman may well be responded to in the same way as depicted here. Surely the typified statements suggest a woman in serious trouble and in need of help. If a woman with a foreign accent offered me $50.oo for sex, I’d be spending a bit more time with her (without spending $50,00!!).
    Is this showing in Australia at all Duncan?