Heineken Lobster Episode

Heineken is positioned as the beer of discerning drinkers in ‘Lobster’, a 40 second British TV advert set in the context of French cuisine. A waiter carries a live lobster to the table of a young couple, looking for the go-ahead to commit the crustacean to the pot. The guy’s not too sure. After all the lobster appears to be appealing with its eyes. He’s helped out by a voiceover (Alistair McGowan) with a French accent. He gets into the mood for what is to come by ordering a Heineken Premium Continental Bier – with a head that could be held high alongside that of a Stella Artois lager.

Diner confronted by live lobster in Heineken TV advert

“You British are always struggle with the concept of killing what you eat. Oh! If only you had a continental head! Bob is your uncle. Heineken Premium Continental Beer.”

Once the froth has been sorted out the diner is encouraged to develop a fantasy in which he discovers his wife in the bath with the lobster…

“Now simply imagine the lobster as the terrible villain. You arrive home early to find seaweed on your doorstep. Something smells (sniff sniff) fishy. Up to her neck in salty water with his antennae flip flapping all over her face!

Woman caressed by live lobster in Heineken TV advert

The diner in his fantasy pulls the lobster out of the bath. In the restaurant the lobster is dealt with – straight into the steaming pot.

“Ah! Executed like a true continental! Heineken. Get the head right and the rest will follow!”

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The Heineken Lobster commercial was developed at Red Brick Road, London, by creatives Vince Squibb and Justin Tindall, with agency producer Charles Crisp.

Filming was directed by Daniel Kleinman at Rattling Stick, London, with producer Johnnie Frankel.

Editing was done at Cut + Run. Post production was done at The Mill, London. Audio was done at Jungle Studios.

Heineken Continental Marketing in UK

Iain Newell, Marketing Director, Heineken UK, explains the background to the campaign…

“Despite overall drinking being up, the beer market in the UK is in decline, so as an industry we must develop and innovate, to connect and re-engage with consumers. With our new campaign we’re targeting successful, well travelled, male urbanites who, like a growing number of consumers, are seeking out more authentic and individual brands and experiences.”

Central to Heineken’s new campaign in the on-trade is the launch of ‘Continental Draught’ which will offer UK consumers the chance to enjoy premium Heineken as it is served on the continent, with an authentic 2 finger-width head.

Taste is a key driver of brand choice. However as much as 40% of what we call ‘taste’ is actually hop aroma, a very volatile flavour which evaporates quickly when in contact with air. On the continent, the Continental Draught serve with its large foam head is considered the only way to enjoy draught beer. This is because the head acts as a seal, protecting the beer from the air and trapping in the real lager aroma and carbon dioxide bubbles. Therefore a large head prevents the flavour and freshness from escaping and delivers a quality drinking experience right down to the last sip.

“With the roll-out of Heineken Continental Draught in UK pubs and bars, we’re offering consumers the chance to enjoy an even more premium, aspirational, beer drinking experience. By combining the latest dispense technology, and the brand’s heritage and experience as the biggest beer in Europe, we can provide our customers with real point of difference and standout,” said Newell.

In the off-trade, Heineken is launching the innovative DraughtKeg – a unique stand-alone 5-litre draught beer system that allows consumers to enjoy quality draught beer anytime, anywhere. A unique product innovation, which is ideal for parties, barbecues and picnics or whenever friends come together to celebrate and have fun, DraughtKeg is already a massive success in over 40 other countries, with over 6 million units sold since 2005.

Iain said: “The launch of DraughtKeg will help consumers to enjoy a different type of draught experience, draught beer wherever they are. The off-trade has been waiting for years for an innovation which can deliver new drinking experiences for consumers and with its cutting-edge technology, and interactive dispense, DraughtKeg is a category-leading innovation representing a real break-through in the beer market.”

  • Brenda

    Please can you tell me what this piece of music is. I know isso well but dont know the name of it. Thanks

  • TG

    As a vegetarian, I find the way that this advert trivialises this cooking method of putting live animals into boiling water both distasteful and disgusting. Well done Heineken for alienating 20% of the population.

  • TM

    This is a disgusting ad using sexuality and animal abuse as a means of comedy? Next you will have child molestation as a mean of entertainment?

  • Marcus

    TG and TM you sad twatz that’s the funniest ad I’ve seen in ages!!!

  • Ian Hughes

    Amazing – Heineken beer is suitable for vegetarians, but here’s one vegetarian who won’t be drinking it again. The advert was excruciatingly unfunny.

  • A.C. Cornielje

    As a Dutchman in the UK I’ve enjoyed Heineken, but since this pathetic advert I’ll avoid it. Grolsch have better taste.

  • Karen Mc Donald

    Stupid moronic cruel and crass.
    Im not a vegetarian but this really stinks.

  • Parvis

    Am I the only one to find the catch phrase “get the head right and the rest will follow” a very thinly veiled sexual reference? If I am, it makes the ad all the funnier. For me, anyway.

  • kayula

    so stuped

  • matt

    love it.. u stupid veggies.. lighten up, thats a f**kin hilarious advert

  • CN

    This advert is the funniest thing i’ve seen in ages. I think people need to lighten up. Animal cruelty?…. my a**e!
    “Fruits de mer!!”

  • lol

    u lot that hate it r losers, it funny get over it

    dnt be veggies if u get upset ova lil fings

    enit blud

  • queen

    Aside from all you killjoy animal/sex bollocks/ no sense of humour, sad twats, lol ( above ) is even more disturbing.


  • Kristopher

    I gotta say while not hilarious I don’t really see anything wrong with this add. So they ‘trivialize’ the cooking and killing of a lobster big deal, with the way we trivialize murder and violence to each other in the media this shouldn’t be such a big deal. If we can watch movies and television shows about people killing people we can watch animals being killed and enjoy it too.

  • That French accent is great. I laughed so much 😀
    Also, it seems that you Brits actually are more concerned about killing your food than we Frenchies are!

    Fruits de mer! D:<