Heidies 15 MB of Fame with Diesel

Diesel‘s viral campaign, Heidies 15 MB of Fame with Diesel, is one of this year’s Cyber Grandprix winners at Cannes International Advertising Festival. The campaign, live at www.diesel.com/lockin for five days in January 2007, featured two girls, The Heidies, on a quest to become famous online. They steal the new and unreleased Diesel Intimate collection, kidnap Juan, a guy from Diesel, and lock themselves (and him) into a hotel room for five days.

The Heidies with Juan taped up for Diesel

The Heidies used MySpace and YouTube to spread the word about their online presence at www.diesel.com/lockin, showing videos and photography from their lock in. Viewers (18 years and over) were invited to vote on what the Heidies should do to Juan, choosing between waxing his legs, putting 37 ice cubes in his pants, and a secret surprise. The viewers’ choice of wax was placed on YouTube. On the final day Diesel agreed to their demands for a professional fashion photographer.

Heidies and Juan in Panda suits


The campaign was developed at advertising/web design company Farfar, Stockholm, by project manager Martina. Advertising supervisors for Diesel included Miguel Ares, Lucinda Spiera, Giulia Castellini, Richard and Marc.

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