Hed Salon Holy Family

Hed Salon in Montreal commissioned this religiously risky newpaper and billboard campaign, featuring Jesus, Mary and Joseph with hair designs for the twenty first century. The posters feature the text, “May Your Will Be Done”. People are walking into the hair salon asking for the Jesus cut or the Mary cut. The ads, based on original oil paintings by Quebec City artist Philippe Nadeau, draw on the styles of ancient icons. Needless to say, not everyone is impressed.

Holy Family in Hed Salon print advertisement

Jesus in Hed Salon print advertisement

Jesus in Hed Salon print advertisement


The Hed Salon Trinité campaign was developed at newly merged advertising agency Amen.Epoxy, Montreal, by creative director/copywriter Nicolas Massey, art director Carl Robichaud, with illustrator Philippe Nadeau.

  • johannabartley

    This is not even funny. What were they thinking? The entire religious community will be down there screaming bloody murder.
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  • Those pictures are awesome, i'm sure they will bring in a new generation of christians… march right left right left halt!

  • True christian

    How Dare You?
    Are you a Christian?
    Dont you Dare do this AGAIN!


  • Im not a christian but i respect those beliefs of others – just as long as they are personal and not forced upon others and affect other peoples rights negatively. These pics are great and art has no boundaries…