Heavenly Sword Episodes for Playstation 3

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has just released the Heavenly Sword Playstation 3 game. To build anticipation and an awareness of the back story Sony commissioned a series of five animated short films. The five part series was made available on the PlayStation Store, with one episode being released every Thursday, leading up to the game’s launch. All five are now available on the Heavenly Sword site, streamed in flash format and downloadable as 10 mb quicktime videos.

Heavenly Sword

Episode One: The Legend of the Sword

A weapon forged in heaven; a warrior sent by the gods. Together they are mankind’s only hope against the evil that corrupts the land.

Episode Two: Guardians of the Sword

The power of the Heavenly Sword is too strong, so strong that no mortal man can resist it. Yet, for those who succumb to temptation, the glory is fleeting. Wielding the sword carries a heavy, heavy price.

Episode Three: The Rise of Evil

Two young men, Shen and Bohan, are destined to lead. Together they study the arts of war, but only one will learn the value of honor and duty. For the other, no earthly crown will ever be enough.

The Divine Birth

Year after year, warlords pursue the Heavenly Sword and the clan protects it, but at a terrible cost. Their only consolation: the prophecy which promises that the Heavenly Warrior will be reborn among them.

Part V: The Day of the Warrior

The prophecy is a lie — the girl child, Nariko, is an impostor. Yet duty does not stop. Nor does the march of Bohan’s army. With the clan’s destruction close at hand, Nariko’s true destiny begins to emerge..


Animation for the Heavenly Swords series was overseen by director Ben Hibon via Blinkink, London, with producer Bart Yates. Ben Hibon’s work is featured online at www.statelessfilms.com. The script was written by Jon Ashley and Bart Yates, based on the Heavenly Sword video game created by Ninja Theory.

Animation and Sound were developed at Chase Animation Studios, London, by executive producer Robert Chandler, production manager Laura Thomas, lead animator Jimeno Farfan, animators Tom Baker and Linda Kalcov, lead compositor Billy Elliot, compositors Jonathan Klahr and Andrew Morgan. Sound was designed by Bastian Kemmerich. The score for the series was composed by Nitin Sawney, who was responsible for the score for the game itself. Narration was provided by Trevor Martin.