Havaianas Feet Dream Too in Animation

Havaianas, the Brazilian sandal brand from Sao Paulo, dreams in multi-colour animation in the ‘Havaianas Feet Dream Too” campaign launched in June. The Havaianas ‘Feet Want Out’ advertising campaign, hosted on the web site feetwantout.com, includes three viral videos produced by the winners of a design competition run by Havaianas. If sandals could sleep, what would they dream of? The online videos, Waiting Room, Library and Bus Stop, each end with the suggestion that feet in shoes move about quickly in what might be a form of rapid eye movement.

Havaianas Feet Want Out


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Bus Stop

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Lyrics used in Bus Stop

Way underneath the circle in the sky
It’s not hard to get away from here
It’s not far to get away from here
Far underneath the people going by
Peaceful like a daylight moon
Will you come and see me soon

Waiting Room

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Havaianas Background

Thonged sandals have their origins in Japan, although they are often associated with Vietnam and Hawaii. Havaianas is the Portugese name for Hawaiian. The sandals are known as ojotas (Argentina), thongs (Australia), sandálias or chinelos (Brazil), flip flops (USA and Canada), žabky (Czech Republic and Slovakia), yinas and chancletas (El Salvador), frons (Estonia), teensletsen (Flanders), tongs (France), chale wotes (Ghana), shanklas (Gibtraltar), sagionares (Greece), slippas (Hawaii), vietnami papucs (Hungary), chappals (India), כפכפי-אצבע (Israel), infradito (Italy), selipar jepun (Malaysia), chanclas (Mexico), zorries (Micronesia), teenslippers (The Netherlands), jandals (New Zealand), tsinelas (Philippines), japonki (Poland), vyetnamki (Russia), makambos (Uganda), shower shoes (US Army), go-slowers (US Navy), and aloas (Venezuela).


The Havaianas Feet Dream campaign was developed at BBDO New York by chief creative officer David Lubars and Bill Bruce, creative director/art director/copywriter James Clunie, associate creative director/art director Chuck Tso, agency executive producer Brian DiLorenzo, music producer Jean Scofield, interactive producer Sandra Nam and agency producer Jiffy Iuen.

The animation for the Havaianas Dream sequence was produced at The Ebeling Group and Green Dot Films (live action), with animation/visual effects/special effects done by three different animation studios.

The Library spot, involving 45 original thong evolved characters, was created at XYZ Studios, Melbourne, Australia. The XYZ team included director/3D lead Tim Kentley, producers Amy Veernan and Julie Shevach (TEG), character designer Cedric Austria, lead modeller Chris Burness, lead animator Daniell Brown, lead technical director Simon Bailey, lead compositor Daniel Stonehouse, executive producer Mick Ebeling at the Ebeling Group.

Editing was done by Sarra Idis at PS 260. Post production (color correction and finishing) was done at Brandname. Special licensed music for Library and Waiting Room was sourced by Singing Serpent.

Waiting Room was directed by Greg Gunn, Reza Rasoli and Casey Hunt at Three Legged Legs, with designers/animators: Jesse Franklin, Joshua Harvey, Chad Howitt, Billy Maloney, Mark Kulakoff, and production assistant Benjamin Brucker. Music was provided by sound and music company Big Foote.

Bus Stop was directed by Pete Circuitt via Bitstate. Originally from New Zealand , Pete studied at The Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne where he wrote animated and directed two short stop motion films. In 1999 he moved to the UK and has been involved in running his own shop until deciding to partner his moniker – Bitstate with The Ebeling Group. Pete has recently won an AICP for his spot for Zune, Monster. Music was composed by Darren Solomon at Big Foote.