Harley Davidson Live By It

Harley Davidson promoted the natural qualities of riding in the wind with a campaign focused on real Harley riders and all they bring to the brand. “May wind be the only product in your hair. Plant your tail in the saddle of a Harley Davidson motorcycle and you’ve got an unflinching view. Here a man can undust his Adam’s apple. And in an age hell-bent on going soft, that bodes well for the backbone. www.harleydavidson.com”

Harley Davidson Wind in Your Hair Print Ad


This print advertisement was developed at Carmichael Lynch, Minneapolis, by creative directors Jim Nelson and Andrew Clarke, copywriter Heath Pochucha, art director Matt Orser, production manager Brenda Clemons, account executives Jim Silburn, Janet Chambers, Mark Christiansen, Hannah Schaefer.

Photographers involved were Simon Cherpitel, Sandro, Antonin Kratochvil. Art buyer is Bonne Brown. Cherpitel is known for his Harley Davidson Love Ride photo essays.

  • Boris Müller

    Any idea where I can get a higher res version of this ad please?

    I need it for a marketing essay.

    Thanks guys!