Coke premieres Happiness Factory The Movie

Coca-cola’s Happiness Factory has now opened at the movies in Second Life. This is a follow-up to the original award-winning Happiness Factory TV ad and the ‘making of’ documentary. In this new Coke film, an epic journey ensues when a moviegoer orders a coke from the dispensing machine at the cinema, unknowingly using the last of the coke in the Happiness Factory. One of the animated employees is sent on a journey with the arduous task of restoring the source of the fluid. Clutching the only remaining bottle of Coke, the worker must negotiate the dangers of strange creatures, crevasses and mountains. Finally all is restored and the movie goer is able to join his girlfriend in the movie theater.

Main character from Coke Happiness Factory movie

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See the movie online at Coca Cola Happiness Factory, where the movie can be downloaded in HD, PSP and iPod formats (40 mb).


Most movies end with five minutes of scrolling credits. I usually stay until the end to see who was involved and see if there’s a bonus scene at the end. Here are the full project credits for Happiness Factory The Movie.

Happiness Factory – The Movie was developed at Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam by creative director/copywriter Al Moseley, creative director/art director John Norman, copywriter Rick Condors, art director Hunter Hindman, account team Sylvain Lierre and Ryan Lietaer, producer Sandy Reay, assistant producer Kimia Farshidzad, agency executive producer Tom Dunlap, and agency editor Ken Rosenberg.

Filming was directed by Todd Mueller & Kylie Matulick via Psyop, New York, with executive producers Justin Booth-Clibborn, Boo Wong, producer Mariya Shikher, coordinator Tarun Charaipotra, and art director/technial director David Chontos. Animation director Nicholas Weigel worked with storyboard artist/designer Ben Chan, animation sequence leads Jeff Lopez, Pat Porter, Jim Hundertmark, animators Jordan Blit, Aja Bogdanoff, Chris Caufield, Josh Frankel, Jungeun Kim, Henning Koscy, Kitty Lin, Kyle Mohr, Jed Mitchell, Kevin Phelps, Dan Segarra, Miles Southan, Micheal Taylor, Goo Shun Wang. Lighting/rendering lead Saira Mathew worked with Ignacio Ayestaran, Raphael Castel-Blanco, Eric Concepcion, Michal Finegold, Raji Kodja, Mike Marsek, Szymon Weglarski. FX lead Pete Hamilton worked with Reeves Blakeslee, Clay Budin, Damon Ciarelli, Dylan Maxwell, Jed Mitchell, Miguel Salek. Modelers were Lee Wolland, Yaron Canetti, Jon Dorfman, Sheng-Feng Chen, Stanley Ilin, Rie Ito, Kitty Lin, rigging lead Tony Barbieri, riggers Yaron Canetti, Stanley Ilin, Goo Shun Wang. Environment lead Anthony Patti worked with Andreas Berner, Helen Choi, Tatch Lertwirojkul, Borja Pena. Matte Paintings were prepared by by Dylan Cole. Compositing lead Jason Conradt worked with Danny Kamhaji, Molly Schwartz, Matt St. Leger, Bee Jin Tan. Other staff included paint artist Stephania Gallico, editors Brett Goldberg, Cass Vanini. Flame conform and finishing was provided by Cecilia Chien, Jamie Scott, Joe Vitale. Pipeline Development was the responsibility of Clay Budin, Damon Ciarelli, Josh Frankel.

Live action was directed by Andreas Hoffman via Seven Senses, Madrid, with executive producer Alvaro Weber, director of photography David Carretero.

Music was provided by Human Worldwide. Sound was designed by Bill Chesley at Amber, with executive producer Kate Gibson. Final Mix was provide by Philip Loeb at Sound Lounge.

Moviegoers in Coke Happiness Factory movie

Brentner provides some helpful links to storyboards, behind-the-scenes video, and interviews.

See the bonus screening of the Coca Cola premier at Second Life, featuring Avril Lavigne.

Click on the image below to play the video.